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help with car

does anyone know how to remove a pay on time box from a car?


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 uhh..  WHAT is a pay on time box


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I'm guessing its one of those things they stick on your tire so you can't drive away? When you don't pay a meter or something? Do they still use those, or was it only on that episode of The Simpsons?

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LOL, they still use those, but they are called "boots" But not for an unpaid meter, usually something more major.

A pay on time box is used usually (and I'm sure not always) for people who have less than perfect credit. It ensures that the loan (or leasing) company will get their money. It is usually under the dash and will disable the engine from being able to start if the company hasn't "reset" it for a month. The company "resets" it as soon as a payment is made. It lights up at about 10 days or so before payment is due. That way you know how long you have left of driving time if you don't get your cash in. Kinda a nifty gadget if you think about it. I have a old college friend who loves it. Screwed up her credit royally as a young adult, and this is a beautiful way of not only building it back up, but more importantly actually being able to HAVE A CAR. Without it, she'd still be bussing it everywhere

 Oh, and I'm pretty sure there'd be some legal ramifications if it was removed, and probably not even removable. But Hey, who knows, that's PURELY a guess

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I had a feeling it wasn't a boot, just thought GuG could use a random Simpsons reference for S & G's.

I'd like to see one of those Boxes, they sound kinda neat. 

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My guess would be the following... 

Found in an article from : 

"Developed by Sekurus Inc., a Murrieta-based company, On Time is a small computer that fits beneath a car’s dashboard. It begins flashing the day a payment is due. Two days later, it also starts beeping to warn drivers their car will be disabled within 24 hours. If a payment is not made, the device signals a chip in the car’s starter, pre venting it from turning over when an owner turns the key."

If this is what they're talking about... unless the vehicle is paid off (which I'm assuming the company would then take it off) I'm sure it's illegal to remove... and if caught, I'm sure a lot of legal issues would follow...


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Re: help with car

Just apply some thermite and light with blowtorch and magnesium ribbon

Re: help with car

[quote=pureinnerstrength]Just apply some thermite and light with blowtorch and magnesium ribbon[/quote]

Dang, that's one way to do it!!!


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Re: help with car

 Yeah til it drips thru the floorboard.

You can't remove the little pay on time device, they add it into the loop of the ignition, I don't know much about cars but I imagine they take a bit of your wiring out and replace it so you would still be screwed

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