Your Card Playing Days Have Now Changed, Thanks To The QR Code

QR Code Rules For Playing Cards

For those of you who love your card games, they now have a new modern twist to them, thanks to Bicycle Cards. This company is printing their popular playing cards with the flourishing QR code. Yes, you will need a phone smart enough to use with a QR code reader, but apparently Bicycle thinks enough people have this ability now to buy these new playing cards.

The QR code is already a mainstay in Japan and quickly becoming so in the United States. The sales of smartphones recently took over the sales of dumbphones in the United States. Bicycle cards ( United States Playing Card Company ) is not letting this opportunity slip by them. The new types of smartphone-enabled cards are now making their way to market soon, probably in April. But some of the decks are being advertised now with the words "jacked up" written on the outside. The ace of spades is found to have a QR code tucked inside, ready to scan. The games of "War", "Hearts" and "Solitaire" are the first games to be affected by the new QR codes. The game rules will change, based on the QR code and the Bicycle card game app that is downloaded into the smartphone. The game rules change with each scan of the QR code.

This new use of the growing QR code is one to keep card players busy for hours. The new Bicycle deck of cards comes with a stand that will accept most smartphones. The app that completes the cards is a free download and changes the rules in mid-game. There will be a learning curve that will make these relatively simple card games mentioned above into more complicated versions, but it also makes them more fun. Imagine having to learn new rules to War while you are beating your opponent. It could turn the game to his or her favor. The same with Solitaire. Just when you think you have won, the rules change and you have to start over.

Bicycle Cards is not just using QR codes with their playing cards. They are also using NFC ( Near Field Communication ) chips inside some decks of cards. In this case, not just the ace of spades has a chip, all of them do. The aforementioned problem exists for cards with NFC chips inside. The game will require separate hardware inside the smartphone to work. NFC works with a chip similar to RFID. Walmart has used them for years to keep people from walking out of their stores with stolen merchandise. The QR code-enabled cards needs no chip to work. Just download the "Jacked Up" app for an Android or iOS ( iPhone ) smartphone, and you and your friends are ready to play.



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