Did Carrot Top Die ?

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Did Carrot Top Die ?

A few days ago I got an email with the subject "Carrot Top Dead!!" - The only way to get more info about how he died was to click on a link to some spammy website. Even though i knew the email was spam, i still did a few "did Carrot Top Die" searches on Google and Bing, and also checked the CNN and MSNBC websites, and alas, Carrot Top is alive and kicking.

I think what I'll do is post any time I get one of these celebrity-death emails, or hear an internet rumor, and hold a mini dead-pool where we guess how or when that person will kick-it (morbid, i know, but i'm bored).

So for Carrot Top, seeing as how he has transformed himself from a skinny comedian into a steroid-riddled freak (see the pics here: Carrot Top pictures), I'm going to guess that when he does die, it will be from liver-cancer brought on by steroid use..   Or, maybe a roid-rage episode that somehow goes bad.

Anyone else morbid and twisted enough to take a guess and when or how Carrot Top goes?



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Jackie Chan Died

That was jackie Chan not carrot top.

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Re: Did Carrot Top Die ?

I'm going to go with autoerotic asphyxia. I assume steroids have dwindled his pee pee and he needs to resort to more extreme measures of um pleasing himself. 

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Carrot Top Dead
Carrot top is not dead, he is just on vacation
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Did Carrot Top Die ?
If Carrot Top is dead it is from too many steroids the guys a freak!
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Is Carrot Top dead?
NO! He looks like a monster, but, he's not dead!

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