Find out if your boyfriend or husband is cheating online

Whether your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is using Facebook, or other sites like, it is possible to find out if he or she is cheating on you.

Catch him cheatingChat-rooms and social-networking websites like Facebook or have made it easier than ever to make new friends, flirt, and even have full-blown love-affairs online. Throw in a low-cost web-cam and you can imagine the fun that he or she might be having behind your back when you aren't around. Is he or she suddenly acting differently? Being more secretive, especially around the computer? Is he or she online during all hours of the night? Is he or she accusing YOU of cheating (guilt avoidance & projecting)? Or, is something just not right in the relationship? If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you might have a cheater on your hands. Even if it's "online only" cheating, it could eventually lead to something more serious. Of course for most people even an online-only relationship behind your back is not acceptable.

Try a 'keylogger'* on your PC - The easiest way to catch him! (or her)

What many cheating husbands, wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends may not realize is that the computer they use to cheat on you with can very easily give them away. Today there are many software packages that you can secretly install onto your computer* to easily and silently track their every move, record every keystroke, take snapshots of the screen and even crack email passwords. These software programs* will run on Windows or Apple computers, are very easy to install and use, and are undetectable to anti-spyware programs or antivirus programs. These programs can be downloaded directly from the internet and installed in minutes. 


Most parental control/keylogger programs run on virtually all versions of Windows, can be installed 'discreetly' (nobody will know), and will record everything typed on the computer for your review at a later time.  These programs are usually not cheap - but they work quite well.


If he (or she) is cheating, it's easy to find out for sure

By using one of the many commercially available cheating spouse, chat monitor, or key-logging programs* you can find out for sure if your husband (or wife!) really is doing things behind your back. Stop wondering and find out for sure - no matter the outcome, you will be happier in the long-run.


* *This type of software is intended for use only on a computer owned by you.  Installing this type of software on a computer not owned by you, or without the consent of the owner of the computer is illegal in most states/countries.


My boyfriend got a text from a friend of his that is a girl that said Hi baby! How are you? Are you coming over next weekend? Would this be considered cheating.

I dont think THAT is considered cheating.. but i would recommend you to look into it and investigate.. you should try one of the products in this article or you can click on my name and it should get you some additional helpful information.. GoodLuck..

wow, I've never seen so many chicks with baggage in one spot before. If you need to "catch" your man its over and has been for awhile... move on, grow up, better yourself. snooping is NOT a healthy way to build a relationship under any circumstances... but if your an emotional, snooping wreck please enjoy you. dysfunctional relationships.. and PLEASE do not have kids

Dude, it's not always that simple.. what if your b**ch wife is hiding it so well that your gut feeling may be telling you that something is wrong but you have no evidence.. you have to make sure, right? I've been in this situation and believe me, it was a living hell.. i was willing to do anything to find out if i read this post before it would have definitely helped!..

I had a gut feeling my partner was cheating on me. I didnt have any proof til finally I got it. I saw her wall post chatting with her ex. the thing is they werent chattings as friends. It really appeared they still were together. I was floored when i saw that. Not to mention she had told me she never talks to him. I had a feelings months ago but never had tangible evidence. You really need to follow your instincts when it comes down to that, and do what it takes to find out. It has devasted me, but Now i see the truth.

you know what, I totally agree....
Snooping is not the answer, women do the most silliest thing to keep a man that discourages her. Becoming pregnant, spyware, and going through e-mails? I have read four pages, I was going through similar situations, but I did not go to the extremes of spyware and hacking. I simply asked my boyfriend, he would always be reluctant so I gave him a taste of his own medicine and started watching porn, when he would text or call I would ignore them for a couple of hours. When he was reluctant to let me go out, I went out. The feeling of freedom smelt so fresh but after awhile of enjoying myself, indulging in a seemingly "manly-lifestyle", the guilt kicked in and my mood swings was erratic. For my boyfriend, he ended curled up at home harassing my cell all hours of the morning, he later started opening up to me about the issues he had with my behavior. This gave me the chance to open up to him about how I felt.... See everyone handles things differently, i choose to see what it was like in his shoes. I guess through my experience he had his and he felt the same as I did, initially.

For others who are single or who are in good relationships, read these women's complicated relationships and say to themselves "idiots, just leave him". They will never understand what it is to feel the way we do or you do without going through the same experience. Judging is not permitted unless you truly understand the situation and relationship; though me saying using spyware and hacking may come off as a judgement it is purely my knowledge of understanding that you are breaching his privacy rights due to your own issues. Yes he may have done hurtful things to make you come to these extreme measures, but only you are responsible for your feelings, your actions and your own judgement s.

Just out of experience...the one who accuses a partner of cheating constantly is the one that actually doing it. It's a guilt thing. So if you're in a relationship that your boyfriend/girlfriend is accusing you of something and you aren't...I'd suggest take a good look at your relationship. It's always safe to go with your gut instinct. If it's not happening at that moment, it almost safe to assume that it has in the past or it will in the future. If you can't trust someone, why would you want to spend your life with them?

i have a gut feeling my boyfriend is cheating on me with his ex his best friend is friend with his ex and they went to her huse she keeps adding him on facebook she calls him jorgie how i hate that and knw he want to go to school all of sudden and guesse what it the school she goes to she constally asks his friend about him and he goes on his cousin facebook to chat with he doesnt know i know this i would i be able to check his cousin facebook or chat history please if you do not mind help

Me and my boyfriend live together, and sometime i think hes just got that itch. We are together most of the time, but there have been a few "facebook" emails that have me questioning his loyalty. Its always small lies, like seeing a friend, or talking to someone, but he thinks i will automatically get angry so he doesnt tell me about it, then i find an email or number in my phone, and confront him, and all of a sudden im insecure and parinoid. I dont want to believe hes cheating or thinking of cheating because hes truley my bestfriend. I just think hes curious and likes the attention..Please help me reader, for i fear the worst!


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