Find out if your boyfriend or husband is cheating online

Whether your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is using Facebook, or other sites like, it is possible to find out if he or she is cheating on you.

Catch him cheatingChat-rooms and social-networking websites like Facebook or have made it easier than ever to make new friends, flirt, and even have full-blown love-affairs online. Throw in a low-cost web-cam and you can imagine the fun that he or she might be having behind your back when you aren't around. Is he or she suddenly acting differently? Being more secretive, especially around the computer? Is he or she online during all hours of the night? Is he or she accusing YOU of cheating (guilt avoidance & projecting)? Or, is something just not right in the relationship? If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you might have a cheater on your hands. Even if it's "online only" cheating, it could eventually lead to something more serious. Of course for most people even an online-only relationship behind your back is not acceptable.

Try a 'keylogger'* on your PC - The easiest way to catch him! (or her)

What many cheating husbands, wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends may not realize is that the computer they use to cheat on you with can very easily give them away. Today there are many software packages that you can secretly install onto your computer* to easily and silently track their every move, record every keystroke, take snapshots of the screen and even crack email passwords. These software programs* will run on Windows or Apple computers, are very easy to install and use, and are undetectable to anti-spyware programs or antivirus programs. These programs can be downloaded directly from the internet and installed in minutes. 


Most parental control/keylogger programs run on virtually all versions of Windows, can be installed 'discreetly' (nobody will know), and will record everything typed on the computer for your review at a later time.  These programs are usually not cheap - but they work quite well.


If he (or she) is cheating, it's easy to find out for sure

By using one of the many commercially available cheating spouse, chat monitor, or key-logging programs* you can find out for sure if your husband (or wife!) really is doing things behind your back. Stop wondering and find out for sure - no matter the outcome, you will be happier in the long-run.


* *This type of software is intended for use only on a computer owned by you.  Installing this type of software on a computer not owned by you, or without the consent of the owner of the computer is illegal in most states/countries.


I know exactly how you feel. My boyfriend was on facebook yesterday but he didn't say anything until today. He's trying to locate is child's mother. I don't have a problem with that because I love and miss his son too but we been together for 4 years so its like why could't you tell me yesterday instead of waiting till today he said He don't have to check in with me and if it was something going on he would not have told me today. I don't understand why he waited. And he did it on his phone instead of our laptop computer. To me it looks like he is hiding something. We were together all day yesterday and he couldn't say anything Why? He know I would not have been upset by it. But now I am because he waited to say something. So now I'm feeling like hes up to something.

Trusting your beau is good, but trusting blindly is an invitation to turmoil. So keep trusting him, but keep an authentic check so, that your relation never falls a prey to any of misdeeds or uninvited disasters. I know you are concerned that if you investigate on him, it will certainly hurt his self respect which you are obviously reluctant to go for. So my suggestion is to keep track on him via some spy software over his cell phone, it’s a suggestion, rest is up to you.

I need to know if im being cheated on! I've been living with my boyfriend for 4 years. things have changed he talks ugly to me and always wonders whats wrong with me asks me why i dont trust him..Heres why..When hes on a call with me he hurrys off and before i hang up i hear a call waiting beep i ask him later who called and he says no one i wasnt getting a call!!!..this has been happening for a long while and he wont tell me the truth...hes hiding something right?I have felt it inmmy gut for years now but i want proof..yes i have asked and he turns it round on me like ive done something wrong.he has more then one email account and he told me he cant remember the password to one of them.he went on an 8 day vacation without me..i stayed behind to take care of our dogs. when he called me it was very brief and he acted weird but says nothings wrong when he returned home. We had it out when he go back for lots of things one being he has a seperate bank account and i never know whats there. things improved alot for like a week now its back to the beeps and no ones calling ...what do i do?

As many have already written: Use pc monitoring software (keylogger programm). I recommend a Keylogger because it is very easy to use and allows not only to record keystrokes and visited websites but also Screenshots and webcam pictures can be made in the background on predefined intervalls.

All data can be delivered to your email address. But also you can access the data from any computer with the web browser. And one very important feature the keylogger has: The support is awesome! This is for me another important feature when I want to buy a software: good support and help.

Finally the price is not expensive. This Keylogger is in my opinion one of the best on the market.

hi know how you feel i have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. we have just moved in togeather i have also found emails on facebook from him to other women. we were broke up for a while when this happened. we got back togeather. he tells me its finshed with the emails he only did it when we were split but i have always had a gut feeling that he is up to no good he has many differnt email addresses yahoo gmail hotmail i know his email address but not the password i wish i could chance his pass word or get his password to clear my mind without him knowing. other wise i wont have a realionship for much longer its killing me. i want to beleave that he is not emailing any women but i cant. we are going to get married soon and i need proff i have asked him to show me his email and he wont their for i know. help

I am married, but I feel as though my wife is cheating on me, or really wants to. She recently dropped a bomb on me, that she wants me to move back to the Us. We currently live in Europe. I have been suspecting something was up for the past few weeks, we went from generally no issues, except little petty arguments, to she wants privacy, space, she changed all of her passwords, everytime she gets a message on her phone she reads and deletes. This is brand new for her, as she used to keep every single text message and e-mail she has ever received. I was able to get a type logger thing on her computer before we started our "seperation." I am still in Europe, staying with a friend, hoping beyond all hope I am just crazy and paranoid. I love her so very much, and want our marriage to work. The issue that I am having now though, since I have moved out she hasn't spent one night at the house, and has not used the computer for anything. The only thing I got off of the key-logger was that, the night she told me she wanted a seperation, right before she told me she wanted a seperation in fact, was... she got home and googled "preg anal sex?" "preg pre come?" and that was it. When I casually asked what she was looking at, she minimized the screen and showed me a picture of a cat. Then when she turned the monitor back around, went back to looking up the other stuff. Then, she deleted the history of her looking that up. I dumbly confronted her about what she had looked up the next day, after she told me she wanted me to move back to the U.s. she simply said some people at work were talking about it, and she was curious. Probably thinking that maybe she didn't erase the history and that well if she didn't erase the history it shouldn't be that big of a deal. I cannot tell her I know what she was looking at because of a keylogger. My issue now of course, she hasn't touched that computer since we split a few days ago, but I know she has been getting on facebook. She deleted me as a friend too! WTF! She is too smart to share in E-mails on facebook, so instead she has been doing the straight chat with people on there. How can I track this? See what is being said? I am not done with this marriage, and I really need to know if she is, so I can figure out my next move! She claims she still loves me, and that she does not want a divorce... but why would she want me to move across the world if she still loved me, or wanted to remain married? HOW DO I TRACK HER FACEBOOK FROM OTHER COMPUTERS? HELP!

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me cause when i ask hi to call me and he says yes he never dose. He is always out with his friends and still talks to his ex. He talks to her for hours on the computer. He acts different and more moodier, He is always getting aggravated easily . He is not himself.

read what you just wrote. YOu have already figured out if he is not or is! humans are so blind when it comes to love. He is being unfaithfull. Why does everyone sell themselves short for someone who is not treated you like you should.

Hey Gurl, I know what you mean I have been through that aswell it aint easy to cope with it would be different if they had a child but honestly there is NO way for them to be doing to us you know! You shoud let him go and leave it's his bad on what he has missed out on and stuff, Well hey look at me I can't talk I was pregnant with mine while he was going behind my back, I was devastated and all I really loved him and I was carrying his child and I always told him that I want us to stick together. Well anyway he changed straight away when I told him that I was pregnant and was going to leave his sorry ass !

yes of course he's cheating. you shouldnt allow him to talk to her if you cant know what its about. i mean what is it to talk about she pose to be done right? DO YOU HUNNIE


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