Cell phone IP address

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Cell phone IP address

I need to find a way to obtain an IP address or other tracking information of a cell phone.

I have a female adult child with a serious drug problem that has been MIA 4 days now after going to meet a man and has placed a call to me via Facebook Messenger asking for help repeatedly. I have gone to my local law enforcement and due to criminal & drug history they are not treating this as a missing person and are offering no assistance.

Can anyone please point me in the direction I need to so I may locate my child? Please?


Re: Cell phone IP address

The IP address wont help you in any way. Without having previously set up some kind of hidden tracker on the phone, you are out of luck.

Law enforcement can (almost easily) track the phone, but as you already mentioned, they have more important things to do than wasting time on wild-goose chases... Adults gunna do what adults gunna do.. Might be time to let go..

Jason C
Re: Cell phone IP address

Why do you think an IP address would help?
The IP address of a cellphone changes all the time, and is not tied to any geographic location, so tracking-wise, you can't track a cellphone by it's IP..
like the other guy said, the police can track it with the help of the cellphone company by triangulating it's position between cell-towers. You can also have your attorney convince a judge to subpoena and force the cellphone company to track the phone.

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