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Facebook Background

I want to change tha look of my facebook page and change the background. Can anyone help me change either my hole facebook or just the background?

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i know

you have to like..usually download firefox and greasemonkey to do a lot of things with facebook. But the only thing that stops me is that im not sure if downloading those will damage your computer, or to what extent it could.
but after you download those you simply go to websites that have scripts you can install to do wahtever you want.

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Re: i know

I have Firefox on my computer and my dad has Firefox on his computer. I am not sure about Greasemonkey but I downloaded Firefox and I had no problems. I am using a laptop computer. I also have Firefox on my desktop computer.

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Re: i know


 this is a old thread - BOTH firefox and greasemonkey are safe to use :-)


Yes I quote that grease monkey is the best thing to use I find it really useful


The facebook background changes and such only take affect on your computer screen. Everyone else sees the standard blue and white page. I have not seen any place where facebook allows you to modify the look of the page (.:grin.. myspace security flaw:. ) other than on your computer. If you want to download the scripts, well you are absolutely correct and it should be done at your own risk. I have tried and looked for endless hours, and asked a million questions.. and the answer is no you cannot change the look of your facebook page. think of it this way

Facebook= private school & uniforms

Myspace= public school & fashion statements

its the best way I can explain it all without really going into too many details.


Re: Facebook Background

Its a draw back that you can't make your profile tehy way you want but you could say that that is one of its advantages. The code in myspace allows for codes to be found to get round privacy settings which I think a lot of people care more about than the appearence of their page.

Facebook seems more secure for a lot of people and the hassle of changing your myspace appearence isn't what a lot of people lwant to bother with.

With all the new apps there may well be something soon to change your layout but I don't know. You can change it a little i.e. where certain things are on your profile although this doesn't change the appearence of your page a lot.

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Re: Facebook Background

one person did manage to chnge the look of facebook so not just him, but everyone else could see the change. He posted it on a blog. He was soon told by facebook to change it back [unsure if they patched it]. Currently, i think you can only change it but only you can view it. Everyone else will see it as the original default. I personally prefer it like this. Some myspace profiles are really bad!

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Re: Facebook Background

I would like to do the same thing but no one knows how to do it and it is really annoyig at the moment I only have the plain background and would like to change it but no one knows how to and it is really annoying if anyone does know would they please let me know as I would really like to change my background thanks again

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Re: Facebook Background

I'd like to know how to as well. I already have a headache and it is really anynoying to continuously look for a damn background. -.-

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Re: Facebook Background

look on youtube there is some good answers but i havent looked propely


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