1928 Charlie Chaplin Movie Proves Time Travel.. Maybe..

In the video below, filmaker George Clarke claims to have stumbled on proof of, if nothing else, something bizarrely unusual. The video - the publicly available DVD box-set of Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" circa 1928, shows what appears to be a woman - or, perhaps a man dressed as a woman, talking on a cellphone in one of the DVD "extras" scenes on Disc-2.

The YouTube video posted by Clarke is over 8 minutes long, and the majority of it is showing the "time travel" scene from different angles, blown up, forward, and backward - eerily reminiscent of Kevin Costner repeating "..back and to the left.. back, and to the left.." in the movie JFK.

What appears in the video does not look like any kind of CGI or other trickery - and if it was, why would the producers of "The Circus" do such a thing? Of course, this is all on the assumption that this scene is even on the "The Circus" DVD which thus far I have seen no confirmation of.

Is it time travel or an elaborate hoax designed to sell Charlie Chaplin DVD's? Go buy the box-set and decide.




Well, for what it's worth, the shoes being worn by the person in question, appear to be those of a man.  They're much like the shoes worn by service men (and women), but appear to be closer to the size worn by men.  Now then, I didn't actually see a cell phone in her/his hand, but why he/she would be talking into something I don't know.  Cell phones in this day and age require an antenna somewhere to carry the signal, and if there isn't one a "dropped call" results. 


Let me present another theory.  Many years ago, back in the mid 1960's I owned a hand warmer.  This was a piece of work, fueled by lighter fluid, having a very thick wick.  one could light the wick, which didn't just burn - it glowed.  You could place it in a specially made bag, and over all it was about the size of an opened cell phone.  It was used primarily to warm very cold hands in places like Lubbock, Texas (where I lived when I owned it).  You could open the hand slightly with it in your hand and place it against your cheek and ear, and it would warm your cheek and ear.  I have no idea how far back that invention goes, but that's another possibility, and one could surmise that the person in the film could be saying something like, Ahhh, that feels good, or something similiar, as opposed to talking into a cell phone.  I normally had my hand warmer in my hand and inside my coat pocket, and I would switch hands periodically.  Needless to say, I purchased a lot of lighter fluid in those days.


Something to consider.


Several things come to mind, mostly captions.


The Doctor: Worst Regeneration Ever!

Computer, late nineteen twenties clothing. Ensign O'Donnell, you're with the away team.

Oh, boy!

I bet she looks weird driving a delorean.



Verizon's map is getting so big it transcends time??

Evidently, although cellphones haven't changed much by the time we can 'time-travel', but they magically don't need towers to get reception... and who-the-heck could they be talking to... unless said reception also can transcend time as well...

My verdict: lady talking to herself about how cold it is while she attempts to sheild herself from said cold... she *is* wearing a giant freakin coat.

Well; it's obviously not a cell phone, it's a time phone. That's the only reasonable explanation!


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