Cheap trick... Might help some.

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Cheap trick... Might help some.

It's not a code or anything fancy, but it's a cheap trick for those who are interested. If you are wondering if your has been significant other or whatever is now in a new relationship but can't see the listing because it's a private profile you can use the search modifer to help you out. For example if you use the person's old high school and know their graduation year, age, etc you can use this to usually narrow your search down to the person you are focusing on and a usually 2 more pages of others. Once you have this just check the "single" or "in a relationship" box and you will find out their status, whether or not the information is private or not. I used my own personal account and it worked no matter if I tried to hide the relationship status. Takes a little work but could be useful to some, my girl replaced me in 2 days and still had the balls to text me that she loves me... Still a little bothered, sorry. Anyways, sorry if this has already been posted just trying to give back what this site has given me.



Re: Cheap trick... Might help some.

I wouldn't trust too much in whether an account says 'single' or 'in a relationship' there are many reasons why someone who is actually single lies and says they are in a relationship... usually it's to stop unwanted declarations of love or some such thing. 

 My genuine myspace account ALWAYS said I was in a relationship even when I was single, purely because I wanted to stop the sad cases who kept messaging me asking if I wanted to be their 'girlfriend'.

 And to reverse it, someone who is in a relationship may also advertise themselves as 'single'... 

 So really the relationship tag is utterly useless in my opinion.



Re: Cheap trick... Might help some.

I agree about the relationship status option. I know some married friends who don't like to acknowledge that because they are just 'in a relationship.' Yeah.

Re: Cheap trick... Might help some.

didnt work.

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