checking up on my daughter

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checking up on my daughter

I gave my daughter an iPad and set it up with my Apple ID so that she would be able to buy apps (she is good about not overspending my money) and music easily. I can also track where her iPad is using the find my iPhone app which is great if she leaves it somewhere, or if I am curious about where she is.

I was surprised to see that the pictures she takes show up on my photo stream and so I find out a lot about what she is up to that way. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly in this day and age, she's taken some risque (though not nude, thankfully) pics and I want to know if she is sending them to someone. I can log in to her e-mail, but can't see her iMessages. It seems that since both iPads are using the same Apple ID, I should see her iMessages? Has she done something to block me or do I have to do something in my settings to enable seeing them?



Re: checking up on my daughter

If both devices are properly setup with the same iCloud account, then yes, you would see all of the iMessages that she sends/receives, and she would see yours. It's possible that she setup a different iCloud account for iMessages - it is possible to have one account for buying stuff, etc, and another account for iMessage. You can check under the "Messages" settings.

It's also possible she isn't using iMessages and is using some other messaging app such as WhatsApp, GoogleVoice, ect.

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