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nvrsaynvr - widget host site and new tracker for bottlebob's list will host a widget for you. i signed up, and they will also provide you a tracker built into the widget (i made my widget 0x0 pixels). the tracker can be in js, or they give you a flash code for sites that won't take js (MS). so far, i've only got stats down to the state, also browser and OS. but since my widget is not visible, i can't use all of the functions, click thru stats, time spent on the site, if they decide to plug the widget into their site because they think it's cool...clearspring will provide a url if the widget is ported to another site (i.e. MS pages, MSN spaces, etc) which would translate to tracking your stalkers. is there a way to make another flash code similar to vids, that could accompany the widget, so that as soon as they come, the automatically add the widget (at 0x0 pixels, of course)?

i'm not so smart, but maybe someone has some thoughts, or could make a code that could do this? deadshot are you out there????

ok, without making this a superlong post, go here for info:

look like a possiblity to anyone?

AND finally,


"me not so smart, but can i interest you in a sarcastic comment?"


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