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Close call

Yikes!  OK, so we have a driveway, and most of the time, I park in it instead of on the street. Yesterday, however, my neighbors were still barbecuing when we got home, so we parked on the street, across from our apartment.  This morning when I got up, I wasn't feeling so great, and decided to be lazy and not do any driving or shopping today.  Then I remembered it's street cleaning day, so I figured I'd move the car.  I was wrong, the side I was parked on is Thursday, not Tuesday, but I was already outside and dressed, so I might as well move the car to the driveway anyway.  So, off to Dunkin' Donuts' drive-thru, then back home, and I parked in the driveway.  Less than half an hour ago.  Now I'm sitting here drinking my coffee, and I just heard CRUNCH!!!  I looked out my window, and OMGs, the car that's now parked exactly where I was is SMASHED!!!  I didn't see what happened, I'm guessing it's hit and run, by the time I got to the window and opened the curtain, all I could see was that the poor silver Buick has no driver's side headlight anymore, and only the remains of a front fender, and the car in front of it has no driver's side tail lights!  Just mangled metal and some wires hanging out.  My luck usually runs in the opposite direction.  I'm actually shaking with relief that it wasn't my car. 



Re: Close call

Oh wow Ladyc!  That is just fate at work today.   The fact that you weren't planning on leaving the apt but did anyway.  It is your lucky day today babe.  Go out and play the lotto!  I'm really happy for you that it wasn't your car and that you're safe!   Phew!

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Re: Close call

i've experienced moments like that. the adrenaline rush is like no other. glad to learn it wasn't your ride Lady.C

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