Collecting--- Labor of Love

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Re: Collecting--- Labor of Love

LOL that same thing happened to my Aunt with Frog stuff, and my Mom with Teddy Bears.

Re: Collecting--- Labor of Love

I collect Star Wars action figures and general action figures from movies. I also collect Godzilla and star trek ships.

Re: Collecting--- Labor of Love

i collect dolphin stuff. i am obsessed. i used to train them. it was my dream job as a little girl. instead of counting sheep to fall asleep i counted dolphins jumping through hoops. well when i got the job the amount of stuff from everyone including myself started to really multiply. its mellowed out a little but i still have to have it if its dolphin related.

i also collect coffee mugs. my grandmother left me her collection of 100 plus mugs from all over the world when she passed away. she said i was the only one who appreciated them. so now if i see a cool mug from somewhere i get it and everytime it makes me think of her and how she would like the mug i chose.


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