Command and Conquer 3

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Command and Conquer 3

C&C 3 was released today so I left work early to go get my copy (yes I set a great example at work) I have been enjoying the demo for a couple of days in between trying to play another new game Stalker. But now I have the game I have been waiting 2 years for, a brand new edition of C&C one of the best RTS games of all time.

I have read several less than flattering reviews about the game play. So far I am very happy with the improvements and did not expect nor want a huge change in how the game controls work or the amount of zoom available on a map. The lure of this game besides the ability to play online with people my own age is the story line. The game flows, they use great actors in setting up new levels (Billy Dee Williams, Michael Ironside, Tricia Helfer) and the story line works from beginning to end and leaves you wanting more.

The graphics are great, but they are not so detailed that the game lags when you have huge numbers of units on screen at the same time like with some RTS games. The game can also be played and enjoyed on systems that haven't been able to play any of the new first person shooters. The minimum requirements only ask for 256MB of RAM, a video card with 64MB of RAM that is DirectX 9.0b compatible (same with sound card) and 6 GB of HD space. Yes that is the low end but at least you won't have to invest in new hardware to play this game unlike some of the new first person shooter games. *I did not see any CD versions of this game when I purchased it so you may also need a DVD

If you enjoy RTS games I would highly recommend C&C 3 it has 35 single player missions plus an already large community of online players. A+

So lets get to price since I would like to get back to the game.


38.99 at Frys 48.99 for the Kane edition (has wallpapers and extra maps and a tutorial)

49.99 at Best Buy and CompUSA 59.99 for Kane Edition

**** there is also a new Oblivion add-on available Shimmering Isles but that will have to wait until next week unless someone else would like to review it



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