What Do Your Holiday Cards Say?

Merry Christmas.
53% (10 votes)
Happy Holidays.
16% (3 votes)
Seasons Greetings.
5% (1 vote)
Other: Tell us below.
26% (5 votes)
Total votes: 19




i selected "Happy Holidays." that would cover everything until the New Year.


I typically give cards that have nothing to do with whatever occasion they're for... retirement cards for 16th bdays... get well soon cards for graduation... 100th bday cards for a holiday (come on, how many 100th bday cards get sold anyway?)


Just depends on what mood I'm in that decides what card is picked... but I love seeing the confused looks on people's faces.


missb wrote:
Always Merry Christmas, It's always been Christmas for me and always will be.

i feel the same, however suddenly we find ourselves in an area where as we are seeing many menorah's. so i may be switching it up a bit this year.



I cant seem to vote... lol.. i dont remember!!! lol.. there still in my closet!! I started working on them during the week, made the cd, gathered up some addresses (still missing some though) && the only thing there missing is the xmas picture... So this weekend were out to the studio w/ Buddy to finally complete my cards.. Also did I mention the boyfriend is throwing in a mini calendar that sticks to your fridge w/ his business card! lmao.. his clients (all 500 of them, lmao ) got mini calendars!! They’re pretty cute actually.. lol..

Anywho.. To my special gugs! I would love to send you guys all a card.. So pm me your address, I’ll try to get them all out before Sunday..

I suck at Christmas cards but here's the really bad part. I buy them each year to send out and then never do so I have boxes of Christmas cards. Unfortunately I do the same thing with all cards. If my business ever goes under I am opening a card store. But this year I am on the ball...we took family photos of the whole zoo including the animals (what a frickin' feat!) and I will get it together! Maybe....

my cards say Mele Kalikimaka!

Always has Merry Christmas baby!

Happy Holidays is so lame and vague. I tell my jewish friends merry Christmas all the time.

I was just looking at the cards I have. 

Some say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Feliz Navidad :)

beeeenine wrote:
Feliz Navidad

oh snap! i wish i would have included that in the poll selection. i receive/send those cards as well.



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