Review: Sport Grip case for the Apple iPod Nano

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Marware Sport Grip case for the Apple iPod Nano
Reviewed by: The Grown Up Geek
Purchase date: November 2005
Purchased from: Online
Price Paid: $9.99
Overall grade/comments: the BEST Nano case I've tried, lowest price case I found

Even before my new iPod Nano arrived, I purchased a protective case to prevent scratching. The first case I purchased was a package of 2 or 3 Nano Tubes from Best Buy, which I discarded after a week because they were flimsy, and they made it difficult to plug in/dock my Nano. I then tried the equivalent version of case from Radio Shack, with the same results - they sucked. I spent over $40 combined for these cases, all of which ended up in the garbage after I tried the Marware Sport Grip Nano case.

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Sport-Grip by Marware: The best case

On a recommendation from an internet friend, I ordered the Marware Sport-Grip case online for $9.99. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much because of the low price, and i assumed it would suffer the same fate as my previous Nano cases - Happily, I was wrong.

The Sport-Grip by Marware is made of a thick silicone gel-type substance, and has a thin plastic cover that protects the click-wheel and screen of the Nano - something the Nano Tubes that cost twice as much do not have. The covers are thick enough to fully protect the Nano, yet they do not interfere with it's operation. Unless you look closely, you can't even tell the screen and click-pad have covers on them.

Sport-Grip by Marware: Installation was the hardest part

If I have anything negative at all to say about the Sport-Grip, it would be that it was difficult to get on the Nano. I ended up turning it inside-out, then rolling it down over the Nano. It took me a few minutes to figure this out, and the instructions could have been written a bit better, but the frustration was well worth it.

Sport-Grip by Marware: I liked it so much, I bought 2 more!

After a few weeks of daily use I could see that my grubby hands were turning my white Sport-Grip case a shade of dirty-brown. Realizing that it would soon be too gross to be seen in public I ordered two more Sport-Grip cases. I estimate that the three cases should last one or two years (or longer if I wash my hands more often). Because of the low price of the Sport-Grip, I didn't even think twice about ordering two more.

SportGrip by Marware: Bottom Line:

After trying two different types and brands of protective cases for my Nano, I can highly recommend the SportGrip to everyone. I only wish I had learned of the SportGrip before I wasted over $40 on the other worthless Nano-Tubes.



I tried this cover and love it! I've had a few other cases for my Nano that either didnt fit well, or didnt protect it. The Marware case is great - hightly recommended!

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