How old are our GuGees? (Actual age, not maturity!)



So since we are so diverse here on GuG, I just thought it would be fun to see the age ranges we have here!


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

i love my 40's and will embrace the big 45 in a few weeks. i am as young as i feel and look. i'm mighty proud of that. my size & physical shape can rival that of a very young 20'something. my inner feel, strength, and mental wellness is as sharp as a tac. if i knew my 40's were going to be this fantastic - i would have traded my 20's & 30's long ago!



I am 31 and I want to be Hot2na when I grow up. LOL.

[quote=D G]I am 31 and I want to be Hot2na when I grow up. LOL.[/quote] it! thank you D G! you are only a few years older than my oldest son, and i have 4 children, 2 grandchildren. youth is a mind-set.  i've always felt, "it's better to have a body in shape than to obsess about the shape of your body."



I'd would love to be one of her mini's ;D

[quote=beeeenine]I'd would love to be one of her mini's ;D[/quote]

awe, thank you beeeenine! this big ol' house is awful quiet as of late. i could use more mini's & i'd  ❤love❤   to have you too ;)


i am 45 mentally but according to my birth certifficate and permits iam 17 lol i like to think that age is only a number and that mit is irrelevant, i tend to get along with those that are about 40-60  better than i do those that are 10-20 lol but hey thats just me were all different

47.  I sometimes act like a 5-year-old.

Your the reason I put age, not maturity! I was so close to putting a "other" catagory and saying "Stevie, click here," but alas. :D


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

hahahhahahhaha, Stevie i LOVE the new avatar-- sweet!

*little do they know...*

43 & a 1/2 <----lol!

Some days lately I have felt 43! But most of the time I am in my 20's!! ;)

I wish it was SUMMER!


 I'm 24 years old.  Just a few more months til 25.




I'm 25 at the end of March LBL..what month were you born in?

 May 21st.  You got a couple of months on me. :) 




Oh, I'll let you know how 25 feels when I get there. LOL.

 Mine is right before LBL's. We'll have to have a May Bday Bash!

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 Alright!  Party! Party!  I say we test your hangover levels, AE. LOL 




eek.. you'll be halfway to 30.  I'm staying 24.  lol  I keep telling my mom, who's in her 50s, that after 25, it's just downhill from there.  Yeah, she rolls her eyes at me... lol




We're married now, LBL. We are practically dead anyway. LOL.

 LMAO  oooohhh... I'm not letting my Hubby read that...




 28....will be 29 in April *sigh*


Do ut des.

44.  Don't feel it, don't look it! I'm 25 in mind, spirit with a bangin' body to boot !!! 

I'll be turning 23 on April 24th... and I'm sad... I want to stay 22... so everyone needs to give me lots of presents to make me feel better :)


I'm uhm .... riiiiiiight ....




 wwhhhaatt?!  You're not giving up the dirt?  Come on, spill it! 




LOL! Speaking of dirt, let's just say that I'm 3 Day's older than it ... :D


I'm so old I owe Jesus a nickel! nerk nerk nerk.


Ba dum chhhhhh :)

As of todays date I am 35.

I don't want to die without any scars. 


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