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IP address help

 Today I got an email saying I've been posting to sites bashing people, negative talk, etc. For a long time I suspected someone may have 'hacked' into me, but other then my internet being flopsy  I thought it was ok.


But today I got that email and it is from my IP that they're posting these terrible things!

What is the best action to take? I don't want my IP being used by creepers, it's really terrifying and humilating to be told I'm saying these things.


Any advice? Actions to take?




Re: MAJOR problems. Help please

Have you actually seen any of these alleged posts? Do you know for a fact this is true? And, are these posts made in your name in places that you have created accounts?

Someone can't "use" your IP, unless they are stealing your Wireless internet or something like that - so if it's true, they would have to be doing it from your computer - via a Trojan Horse or some other malware.. So, have you taken the first/obvious steps? Update your antivirus and scan your system, run an anti-trojan program and antispyware?

and - dont you use a Mac? or are you using Windows also? if you are Mac only, you would really, REALLY have to go out of your way to get any sort of malware (which is nearly non-existent for Macs) - meaning you would have to install a program/software from an untrusted/unknown source.

Doesnt really make much sense so far, so hopefully you can post more info.

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Re: MAJOR problems. Help please

 IN addition, ask your ISP to change your IP. But like Hubby said, more details would be helpful.

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Re: MAJOR problems. Help please

Yes, I was shown the page where the moderator could see it was my IP displayed. I confirmed this...like I aid I don't know much about these things either.

I will get it changed. 

Re: MAJOR problems. Help please

This still does not make any sense at all - and changing your IP is not going to solve the problem. Something is not right, or someone is very confused.

Were these posts made at sites you belong to?

Are you using Windows, or Mac only?

Re: MAJOR problems. Help please

it's a fan site board. I know of it. 

I never posted onto it or became a member, it's a mini chat box. 


I use mac only, but there are other windows in my house connected to the same service.


Re: MAJOR problems. Help please

sounds like someone in your house signed up with an account with your name.. Have you discussed this particular fan-site with anyone else in the house? if so, there is your prime suspect.

also - presumably when they signed up, they used your email address - otherwise the person that runs the fansite would have no way to contact you, right? - so did you ask if the fansite requires members to "validate" their email address? because if so, then that person would also have to have access to your email account.

all still sounds very strange.. something isnt right somewhere.

Re: IP address help
Re: IP address help

According to your Quest. I suggest you to change your Ip address if you don't know how
then follow the steps given below.
For Changing:
• Get to a command prompt. (START, run, cmd).
• Type "ipconfig /release" (without the quotes).
• Shut down computer.
• Turn off computer.
• Turn off all Ethernet hubs/switches.
• Turn off cable/DSL modem.
• Leave off overnight.
• Turn everything back on.

After processing the above steps you can go and visit the website named
http://www.ip-details.com/ and check your Ip-Address it has been changed.

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