Bics Gone BAD

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E Lite
Bics Gone BAD

I'm a beer connoisseur and a regular smoker, so I use Bics constantly. "What does 'beer' have to with Bics?" you ask?... Well, its the most important part of the beer drinking process: it opens the bottle.

So, what's the problem? Well, Bic must have started using some CHEAP plastic about six months ago. For a half year, I've been opening my beers only to have fragments of plastic chip off my lighter every time I open a beer with it. In fact, I have a purple one that's beginning to look like stilletto. Now, that would be fine if I was in prison and needed a shank, but it's a serious irritation because it won't open a beer anymore. It still lights cigarettes, but I could use the stove if I needed a light, and I'd ruin the counters if I tried to open the bottle with them. So, tell me what's more important: Bic's lighting capacity, or its ability to open beer after beer?



Re: Bic's Gone BAD

They have nifty little metal sleeves you can slide your bic into. Maybe one of those would help :)

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Re: Bic's Gone BAD

I'm going to say Bic's lighting ability. You can buy a key chain bottle opener for like a buck. Also I have a metal lighter case that I've had for 13 years and it opens bottles just fine.

Almost Evil
Re: Bic's Gone BAD

 I also suggest buying a bottle opener. I got my dad one- it says stuff from the 3 stooges when he uses it. It cost me $2.79. Problem solved!


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Re: Bic's Gone BAD

E Lite wrote:
Bic's lighting capacity, or its ability to open beer after beer?

the latter. if you've never used a bic lighter as a church key, well then.....


Re: Bic's Gone BAD

They make Bottle Opener Lighters.... even Bics... There... BOTH problems solved :)


Re: Bic's Gone BAD

It's not so much  BIC as a whole, as per where the lighter in question was made (by contract)

If the Bic is made in Thailand or US then it uses better materials, If in China,Korea or India then they use shitty materials

Even my 2 for $1 lighters at work were of better quality being made it Thailand (a Smoking culture,Heaven forbid a lighter fails while trying to light your bong) and USA, but the Chjineese Crickets they Send me now at least can open a bottle without falling apart like a Chinese,Korean,or Indian BIC considering it's a one piece tumbler plastic with a metal assembly

If you can't get a USA or THailand made BIC  then you could go "Hillbillie" and just put the bottle "just so" against the side of a counter then hit it "just right" to force the cap

Either that of get a 99 cents bottle opener, which they do offer as a keychain or as something you can hang on a necklace

I like that Phelelope Cruz? beer add where it looks like she opened the bottle of beer with her clevage (She put the bottle under her shirt and squeezed "her girls" around the bottle and youj hear the bottle popping and she brings out the open bottle while the bar onlookers,all guys stare)  but at the end she shows her bottle opener on her necklace and winks

But, Back to the opriginal question...It's lighting ability

I lost my BIC, which is common as you are more likely to lose a BIC (or have it stolen from you) before the BIC ever fails to light, more then 2 years ago and just found it still Lights.

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