Honest Pupil Chain Thread

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Honest Pupil Chain Thread

Hi, I'm makin' pupils to basically everyone, when possible with new IP's always to give XP, and leveling up 2/3 to.
The pupils who give me XP i'm giving special attention pupilin' with new IP's...

Also don't put password unless you want to continue fighting with the Brute ok, i'm not putting in mine to.


I have a Wolf so if you want to try having a Wolf I read there are more % for a pupil to have a wolf...

My Brute is this: http://simpl3.mybrute.com/ I'm levelin' alone this one but any help is good! :p

I created this thread but i'm reading the others pupilin' everyone who asks when I have time.


Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

Here's my Brute, I went ahead and added a pupil,
will continue trying to do the same for anyone adding a pupil to me, thanks!


btw, awesome wolf!

Re: MyBrute Guide: Path to domination

pupil me and ill pupil you also
make it to level 2 and ill give the favor either.


jaime stewart
Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

my accounts: (great for cloning as the fathers and grandparents either have the best weapons, skills or bears and wolves).


Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)


Have really good abilities - armor, herculean strength - maybe good odds under this bloodline.

Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)


I'm packin a bear, so if the pupil to bear thing works, here's somewhere to get one.
Also, name it "pupil4XXXX" with the XXXX being the name of the pupil you want me to add to. Otherwise, I'll assume you want one for the one you created for me. Kewl. Good luck leveling everyone.

Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)


Help me help you

updated at the end of the day

BOTDragon1 - alex67x
BOTDragon2 - STDspreader
BOTDragon3 - truthfulxD
BOTDragon4 - NethDL
BOTDragon5 - Clausthal
BOTDragon6 - hersad11
BOTDragon7 - Le0nami
BOTDragon8 - pestemic
BOTDragon9 - Bloodluster001
BOTDragon10 - themffnman
BOTDragon11 - Jet101
BOTDragon12 - yetyeta
BOTDragon13 - Perfectblue
BOTDragon14 - XxUR DOWNxX
BOTDragon15 - mambow jambow
BOTDragon16 - Sicard
BOTDragon17 - CounterAlice
BOTDragon18 - KittyDPS

Bear AND dog for one lucky person

No bull!

Someone will get a brute with a bear AND dog .... just a matter of who!

So, first off, hello. I joined here as brute threads seem to be welcome.

I already have a level 11 brute. I also run a clan with this brute. This is the one I am looking to build up.

I'm looking for pupils here:


Looking for pupils that give XP only. If you plan to keep playing with the pupil, then password it. If you don't, please DON'T put a password on it. If you pupil me (with XP), you will need to join my clan to enter the 'prize draw'.

Clan is here:


Now, here is the bit you'll be interested in.

I have, as an incentive to pupil me, a brute that has:

A bear
A dog
Bolt of Lightning

and is at level 3. 6 wins out of 6 so far. The brute is passworded and 100% mine.

He is here:


This is the prize that will be given to the lucky person.

In order to prove I own this brute, give me a brute you want him to fight and that will be his next fight. This way, you know I control it.

Pupil me and post up that you have done so on here along with the name of the brute. Don't forget to join the clan as well. I will ONLY accept you into the clan if your master shows as the digitalspy brute.

Once the clan is full, I will pick one person at random (the people already in the clan are excluded from this) and give them the password to "bobthebear839". You are then the sole owner of this bear AND dog owning brute. So far, as I mentioned, he is 6/6 with about half of them being perfects ... and he doesn't even have a weapon yet!!!! I will get in touch with the winner directly through the clan forum on mybrute as posting of e-mail addresses is not allowed on here (sorry mods!)

I also have a dozen runners up prizes.

They are all bobthebearXXX (XXX being 3 digits .... I created 1000 of the things and got one solitary bear .... and not one wolf/panther).

Runner up brutes (with bobthebear NUMBER so you can check it):

312 - Hammer, Vitality, Master of Arms
333 - Iron Mace, Knife, Feline Agility
436 - Frying Pan, Bolt Of Lightning (Doesn't seem that great TBH but the Frying Pan is super rare?)
449 - Iron Mace, Net, Broadsword
506 - Hammer, Dog, Baton
515 - Hammer Throw special, Vitality, Knife
580 - GreatSword, Thief
728 - Hammer, Herculean Strength, Knife (Mega damage with the hammer due to high strength)
787 - Whip, Knife, Hatchet
801 - Untouchable, Bolt Of Lightning, Tornado of Blows (undefeated with no weapon!)
891 - Hammer, Herculean Strength, Mammoth Bone (VERY high strength, the hammer does scary amounts of damage!)
898 - Hammer, Untouchable, Broadsword

All passworded. All 12 will be given out to the runners up when the draw is made - again, I'll arrange all the password exchanging through the clan forum on mybrute. All excellent starter brutes with a strong starter set of items and skills .... especially a couple of the hammer guys with extra strength.

Thanks in advance, and good luck!


(PS ... finally, I have one brute who didn't quite make the cut as a prize brute, but is still pretty decent. bobthebear552 - he has Iron Mace and Mini Trident. He goes to the first person on here to pupil me. Again, make sure you join the clan and post on the forum and I'll get password details for this brute to you.)

(Please note - once the draw is complete, all the brutes in the clan that were pupils only in there for the draw will be chucked out of the clan. At this point, the clan will be open to good quality brutes who wish to join)

Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

How do I pupil people?

Mybrutes are


Bored, and want to pupil someone up


Post back with the pupil you made for me, and the toon you want me to make a pupil for you.

Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

pupil my brute..
just add your name

(brute name).pupil

so that i will know who i will pupil back...



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