Honest Pupil Chain Thread

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Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

pupil me too..

my brute is: http://keyme.mybrute.com/

i will be a pupil who sum one that be my pupil..

Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

Looking for someone to exchange pupils.. im willing to push my pupil to level 2.. http://ron-289.mybrute.com U can add me at my Messenger so we can exchange pupils.. *******.. Smiling http://keyme.mybrute.com/ i have pupiled you and pushed it to level 2.. hope u return the favor.. pupil name is pupil.ron.keyme make a pupil for me at http://ron-289.mybrute.com for those who are interested just pupil me and ill return the favor..


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Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

Hey. Pupil my character and you will have an increased chance at getting a wolf. It works. MyBrute found at http://survival.mybrute.com. If u pupil and level me, I will return the favour. Thx

Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

someone pupil'd me up useing pupil.ron.o3 who was that so i can pupil back. also is there a reason i did not get exp from it?

Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread (w/ XP)

I diden't know that what your master had would be more likely that you would have. well in that case i have a dog, bear, vitality, sword, and axe.

Andre Liberato
Re: Honest Pupil Chain Thread

pupil my brute..
just add your name

(brute name).pupil

so that i will know who i will pupil back...



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