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hay Now

JuSt waNt
2hala @ aLL
GuG ouTdar,
ShoUtiNg Out 2My piPz?
hoW itZ goIn wit U all,
Hala back @ yur guRl lollypop,
frm da baYareA in 0akl@nd...

[Moderator Translation:]

I would just like
to say hello to all of
the GuG'ees out there
What is up?
Saying hello to all my friends?
How is it going with all of you,
Please post your hello's back to me, your girl lollypop
From the Bay Area of Oakland

... where apparently the school systems are in serious trouble.


Almost Evil
Re: hay Now

 If youve been to Oakland, you'd know no one is there for the school system ;)

Welcome to GuG. Nice to have another nor*cal fan in here!


"Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Living Dead Girl"

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