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Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange

Looking for some pupils:

Just pupil me with your name and some number and ill pupil back, fight to level2, and possibly more :D

Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange
pupil me and leave your mybrute id..
i will pupil u back..
i will surely return your favor

i will be active checking out this forum post ^^
have fun leveling in mybrute

eggins.. i pupil-ed u.. and up level till lvl 2..
hope u will pupil me bak :)
my pupil name =

as well as shaneon..
my pupil = siak.(your name)

u too freddeish..
my pupil = please return in pupil-ing me.. thxx

and please.. up to level 2 or 3 please :) complete all 6 fights..

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Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange

I pupiled the people on this page, please do so back to me!


Muhahaha...Bear on level one!

After hundreds of IDs, I finally got a bear, on level one!!

Let me be your master! (hopefully bring some luck to you) ^_^

Please pupil me under this link:


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Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange

Go to
and to

Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange

Pupil me! I've got a wolf!

Insane Brute, better than having a bear/wolf.

I find that having a very resilient brute (Shield + Armour + Immortal + Vitality + extra Thick Skin) is by far the best possible brute you can have. I've seen mine kill a bear and then finish off the actual brute without going bellow 50% Hp. I have also pupiled my own bruit a few times and the pupils have also had very good resillience. Try it yourself if you want:

I don't mind pupiling you back if you do, just make sure u use "your-brute's-name"HIGH in the name so i can actually return the favour.


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Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange

I will pupil brutes I see here. I will use my name followed by a 2-digit number. please repay favor do


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Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange

Re: Mybrute Pupil Exchange

i had pupil quite a number of people.. juz pupil me back please..
or u can pupil me and i will pupil u back..
i am active member or mybrute..



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