(POLL) Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death?



I think he did, I have readed some stuff on the internett, and if u read the article that William Stern have written it make more sense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkuFhvxXpec&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fmichaeljacksonconspiracies.com%2F&feature=player_embedded and watch this link, look at the white blanket. It seems that he moves his arms up. I saw this on cnn on friday the day after his death. I'm not trying to be disrespectles if he really is dead, but I hope he faked his own death. I want him to leave. And as William Stern says he might leave in Eastern Europe and make a comeback tour he just have to rest some first. William Stern also said that he is doing this becasue when he makes his comeback tour he will be the biggest man in the history of rock'n roll. But if he really is dead, he may rest in peace. MJ 4 ever.

Hold on there, one second. First of all, whoever this "William Stern" guy is, don't take what he says to be true. Make your own judgements. If William Stern said the world was flat, would you believe him? I hope not. But anyway, I scarcely believe that if, say, 10 years down the line, Jacko finally decided to reemerage to the world (although imagine how he'd look by then? Probably like a mannequin) I really doubt he'd pencil in a comeback tour. And his arms moved? Really? He was getting trundled along a hard-surfaced ground on a feeble trolley. It's like turbulenece, or your car going over a bump in the road. Of course your going to move a bit. RIP Jacko, your a legend now and you'll be a legend in heaven.

You guys ARE ALL fucked up! Leave Michael the fudge alone! Of course he didnt fake his death you dumbass's! For you all who put him down, your time will come. Stop judging! Hes not a bad person. He died young because God needed him. He was as close as perfect as you can get! So what that he made all those changes by plastic surgery, Im sure everyone in this world has at least one thing about themselves they'd like to change. Dont lie. He just had money to afford it! To each is own. Its not about your outter appearance, its who you are in the inside. Listen to the words of Man in the mirror, ONE of his greatest hits, it will help, because each and everyone one of you need help! GROW UP!

R.I.P Michael Jospeh Jackson<3



Think what you want, but too many evidence proves he is alive! This cover up is way too sloppy! Only ones claiming he is "dead" are shyeeple freaks that are drones for mainstream media, Michael's PR, and family what patrol sites like these! Michael is alive and breathing like the rest of us!

I don't know if he faked his own death, however; he can't be hanging out with President Kennedy because there are videos of Kennedy's skull opening up when he's shot, you can see blood and brain tissue also. We must remember that there are published autopsy photos of Kennedy, and you can see inside his head...sorry, don't mean to be too graphic, but it's true. There was one photo published of Elvis in his coffin, James Brown was there for all to see for a long time; why are there no photos of Jackson in his coffin? There's no way on earth he could have done 50 concerts, one day on, next day off. He couldn't possibly perform at his peak with only one day off, not the kind of shows he puts on. Celine Dion was quoted, and she said that even she couldn't follow a crazy schedule like that, and she's alot younger than Jackson. Perhaps the psychos promoting the shows realized that they should have stuck with the original 12 shows that Jackson had agreed to, and not the outrageous 50. Perhaps they needed a way out since they sold out the 50 shows, and had no choice but to say he died; the greedy losers would never give the money back.

PROVE THAT HE IS DEAD!!!! All you who are claiming he did not fake his death proves us doubter wrong! You can't becasue the evidence proves you wrong!

I think michael jackson faked his death. As well michael was missing from casket before and after the funeral. Paris Jackson was happy every bit of the funeral until she nearly finished her speech when she was crying she hid her face with her hands when she was crying I think Paris knows the secret but will not reveal it.

Thats my thoughts


Sorry if I seem to not be in the best of moods today, I'm not.  I have to say, though, that this may be the dumbest GuG poll to date.  Of course he didn't fake his own death, the freak had so many changes made to what Mother Nature gave him, his body never stood a chance of surviving the average human lifespan.  Add to that the obvious stress that the various mistakes he's made and celebritism (I made up a word, go me!) brought upon him, I can't see how anyone's surprised he's dead.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

YeAH just as I was thinking that I looked it up in google and found this poll. That shit is crazy........ I bet he did just to start over somewhere he probly had that plastic surgeon fix him up real good to look completely different. Who knows..... If not... RIP

I do not really know if he is faking his death of not.. but it would not be any suprise if he is doing so. With such a bad reputation and the debt that he has accumulated, it makes perfect sense.

To this, I suggest we "watch the kids" for the real answer to this question. If his kids mysteriously disappear, it is a big "yup".

This guy is capable of nearly anything or action, so just expect it..

Remember keep an eye on the kids and the assets of his and where they all go.. that is the true indicators.

This is just a bunch of phooey. They started this same roomer when elvis dies too. Ridiculous!

It's called denial

The whole time we were at my Dad's funeral my mom was insisting my dad was still breathing

Impressive considering that if he wasn't already dead the embalming process would have killed him

Denial my ass! It's called evidence! Not ONE of his family realy sheded real tears not even his own mother! Just because CNN says something is true does not make it true! Media lie all the time!

YEP THAT IS WHY MICHAEL HAD A TARNISHED NAME.... I hope he comes out of hideing soon! I wont ever listen to those media people! LIES LIES LIES ALL LIES! I cant until we see him again. He does not have to do any performances I just want to see him smile again!

elvis and mj are playing go fish in a cave in affganistan there both alive... DUH!!

You and I are on the same page. I'm thinking those kids are going to come up missing. They'll have to come up with an answer for that question. If Michael is still alive he's not going to be without his kids too long. I'm with you on this on keep an eye on those kids. Thats the answer right there. J.C.

O.M.G. Leave him alone already! He name got tarnished from people like you who are excuse my rudeness ignorant like you!

Michael Jackson may have faked his death, there are reports showing that the autopsy wasn't a match to MJ's DNA. Its still unclear, so lets wait till its 100% clear. It's still too early to decide if he has faked his death or if he's really dead. He was a man not caring for himself but for the publicity so i would say he would fake his death, but in due time, we shall see.

where did you hear this from i would really like to signed a close friend of michaels

TRUE he surely did fake his own death he even showed up at his own funeral he was in disguised in the 2nd row behind the family wearing a fendora hat. just go on youtube for the video. michael been was planning his own death now if he plans on returning some people finna be mad. i hate liars and lies im a just let god deal with it. and if you watch you can even see the family laughing on stage no lie i am so serious and there was no tears all of them had dry eyes nobody cried not even his own mother. the whole family was all in on it. the police nd everyone i bet you dr. murray wont be found guilty for it. its all a conspiracy thats why i do not believe what the news says they lie all the time plus why was there only one picture takin of him in the ambulance truck knowing the press they would have more pictures than that plus that wasn't michael it was a deco he pays people who look like him to let him get a way from screaming fans and etc.. plus at the this is it tour it was not michael if you listened to what the person pretending to be michael was saying had a bit of an accent and hes look at his teeth michael teeth are even and hes weren't and his hands were way different in time we will know and the only person that knows whats going on is jesus christ we will find out praise the lord god. i love you jesus amen hallelujah amen amen. praise the king of kings jesus christ you reign forever king jesus amen.

F.Y.I. That was 3rd row! Get your facts straight! WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!

i hope he did, i want to see him again i love him sooooooooooooo much! You know that was a jack ass thing to say... That was the pronblem he got jacked up publicity from people like you... nobody wants that type of publicity LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!



yes michael jackson fake his death . i dont know why some body in the jackson family better tell paris jackson his daughther that her father fake his own death by puttting mankin that looks like him the gold casket. he needs to come out of his hiding because his biggest fan will hate michael jackson so much that wont go to his concert any more and wont listen to his music anymore . also they open the casket and it was empty so mj is still live and kickin. his fans will mad at him and his old girlfriens brooke sheilds be mad at him too. he better come out of hiding real soon . by monica jones so dont belive what you hear onthe news to mj biggest fan

yes and i most certainly believe what you have said "anonymous visitor". um ok
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