my brute for iphone

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my brute for iphone

hey im new to my brute and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to gain a master and how to build up my brutes name is Airman X

thanks for your help



Re: my brute for iphone

You gain a master by inputing a master code. Just go into your dojo and click on the icon that has an old martial arts looking master and then put in a code. You get special bonuses for inputing a code. Here some info on the dojo I am apart of:

Ichiro Dojo

Friendly group of individuals.

Master Code: GEGFIHFE

Numerous members have received multiple pets by level 4. At level 3, the special panda bear was acquired by our master and few members. Join our Dojo:

-Double exp for 3 days
-Increased chances for Special Panda Bear (extra evasion and speed) and normal pets
-Numerous weapons
-Skills like Shield, Fierce Brute, Bolt of Lightening (dramatically fills up your speed bar & more)

Try it out you could always join a different dojo if it isn't for you.

To gain pupils you need to get your friends to place your code in. You get your own code in the icon that looks like a mailbox. I hope this help.

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Re: my brute for iphone

add to mine type in CBHGJHFE

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Re: my brute for iphone

Look these people are not telling you how to get pupils. You have to basically get your friends to sign on as you being their master. It unlocks cool new maps and gives you bonus points as they go up in the rankings. You can spam all the various websites and try to recruit strangers as well which is how I got here. I am look for some new pupils myself. I need some more pupils to complete my Dojo. My Dojo is getting up there in the rankings. I have heard it really has not effect on what skills or bonuses you get in the game by who you pupil. So that is kind of a lie I think. But if it is not a lie me having lots of bears, snow leopards and wolves helps. My dojo the Fusan Ryu. Named after the mystery dojo in Japan that was the original brazilian jiu jitsu style school.


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Re: my brute for iphone

The more I play this game the more I like it. I would give it an 8 myself but the article did a good job on the down falls. Its is really hard to find pupils That is one other downfall. To get 8 Brute slots, you need pupils. I know levels unlock some too.

Well if you want a Cat type dojo. Join Zellion. Master Code is HBGGAIFE. Any dojo you do join gives you 2x EXP for 3 days, and an extra unlockable Arena. First day you will be roughly level 5 if you win all you battles. I already have all types of Pets and got some really good skills, weapons, and supers. People are saying that helps in chance to get Rares, which are all the pets, and some skills, and supers. and weapons. I not really sure that is how it works. But it does seem to be Randomized. So join Me, and let me teach you the awesome power of My Brute.

Zellion dojo. Master Code HBGGAIFE

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