did michael jackson fake his death ?!

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

Get a life.....................................................He is alive!!!!! It was a Double of him who was dying of cancer .....................he died for mike...so mike might really live

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

I'm a MJ fan. I was born in the 80's. I grew up with his music like everyone else. I've seen death, real death of a close relative, a couple times. I cried a few times during the memorial. I was said and it was sad... BUT... that girl, if that is his real daughter. Did not look genuine. In fact it did look forced upon her. As if the family made her do it. Why would anyone make a child who just lost her dad speak in front of a bajillion people? Insensitive much? It looked like she was TRYING to cry but, couldn't because she's not a performer. The whole thing rubbed me the wrong way and that's how I found this topic. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought something wasn't right. I could totally see him faking his death... not because he is wacko jacko but, maybe he wanted to be left alone with the rest of the time he's really got.

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

First off, for all you morons that think those children are Michael Jackson's must be drinking from the cup reserved for the town idiot. They are not his kids, he had noting to do with it. My very first thought was that he faked his death. So let's look at this factually.

1. Motive - MJ has a really great motive. Get out of half a billion dollars in debt. For those thinking money is not a good enough motivator, then you have your heads up your a**es. Money is a very powerful motivator, and people have committed horrible crimes for a hell of a lot less. Also, him being dead could, will, and has created greater revenue through records sells, etc. So there is motive.

2. Personality - If MJ can molest kids, do you think that faking his death would be something that is beneath him? Ok, so let's assume that he never did actually touch any kids, still he has the balls to pull off some pretty outrageous stunts. Remember him hanging his so-called infant over the railing four stories up? Ask yourself. Would you dangle your child over a 4 story baloney? I wouldn't even do this with anyone's child, let alone my own. So his psychological make up does give him the type of personality to do this.

3. Possibility - Does MJ have the resources to actually pull something like this off. Even though he was, at least on paper, in deep debt, that does not mean he didn't have the money to pull something like this off. With his connections and resources, and enough money, you can get away with murder. Just ask OJ Simpson. So the possibility is definitely there.

4. Opportunity - Yes there is always an opportunity. Enough said.

In closing. Rich, well taken care of people just don't drop dead at the age of 50. Sure it happens, but it's very very rare. It would have to be in the millions to one odds. Everyone knew Farah was sick many months before her demise. Same with Ed McMahon, and a lot of others. And I don't know if anyone has thought of this, but pitchman Billy Mays died the same week, at the same age as MJ, just suddenly. Now what are the odds that two famous rich people would just die within a few days apart. Now the odds are probably in the Multi millions to one, if not in the billions to one! Then, the whole act with the family and how cold and indifferent they all seem. His old man Joe Jackson, even going so far as to plug his new record label four different times. It was so obviously unapproate, the Rev. Al Sharpton had to spin it differently for the media. I mean this is just too much to be believed. Personally I think we've all been duped. Time will tell.

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

You need help and a good shrink dude, just like the rest of these people that believe bull-pucky-rooney-toot-tooty.

I type this info in the search and what did I get for a good Laugh? people like you.

Thanks for the Laugh and maybe next time I'll try to get high on this subject and see where it takes me.



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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

How do you know he is dead? where is your proof? show me to prove me and the world wrong!

Dr. Kevin
Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

The never had what you would call a normal life
look at him from black to white
in 1993 he was accused of
many times masturbating a boy
with his hand and his mouth
the father of the boy asked for 20 million dollars
he was currently in debt for over 400 million dollars
the tour was scheduled to make him 40 million dollars
in 2004 he was imprisoned in his home he had multiple masks
just so he could be in public and have a normal life
Im sure he really dose love all his fans but he has over 1 billion
fans thats 1 billion against 1
also 2008 he told his family and friends that he wants to escape but
no one took him seriously
the idea of faking his death was from his well known idol Elvis Presley
and 2006 he got marry'd to the daughter of his idol Lisa Marie Presley
so he probably knows the truth about elvis being alive and in hiding as a 74 year old man.
also his kids always have been out of public always had masks his youngest prince the second also known as blanket never had been public now days before his death he takes his kids unmasked out in public.. because they are not his real kids
he wants to keep the identity of his real kids hidden.
his body was last seen alive because you will not and never find a photo of him being dead
now why would they hide that?
and where will they burry his empty casket?
no one knows.
and the memorial that was held today believe it or not but that made 80 million dollars
all the man wants is a life
in the last 2 years he mentioned South America, Canada, Russia, Kenya, Japan and Australia and the whole escaping...

he is in history now for sure but if he feels that he recovers his pain then hopefully in a couple years he will come out and tell his fans the truth how he wanted a life and just rest and if then he is up for a concert it will be the biggest in history thats for sure.

im sorry to all his fans who have to think he is dead but you say the right words now that he is hidding he really will Rest In Peace

mark mcgraw
Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

i do believe this myself when he was with lisa marie presley he told her that he was going to depart or die like her father i want to talk to you about this because i have connections that are willing to hear us. plus on nancy grace she stated that there were two caskets and there in hiding plus i believe he was with diana ross that is the reason she wasnt there theres no way that two days before he died he was in at the staples center singing and dancing in perfect shape.just like elvis he planned a big 50 concert tour which ''by the way'' there were no tickets returned because of something to collect and have which could sell for alot of money later on e-bay and he is making more money now than in 20 years.hit me up my name is mark leave me a message and ill call you back.this dont add up and i know that were a rare breed of people who believe this theory

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

I have to agree with you. It's fake. I completely understand why MJ would have wanted to escape his life. Will be interesting to see what happens with the kids. The whole thing just feels wrong. It's not normal or comparable to any funeral or memorial that I've ever heard of or seen. Especially the children's behavior. Blanket came closest to what I would expect to see, but he's only what, 6 years old? Confusion would be what I think is on his face, which would be normal for a 6 year old in the middle of all that. Things just do not add up. If he's hiding out with Elvis, more power to him.

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

It would be nice if michael jacson were alive, but what about the autopsy and about this supposed death hoax dirary they found,will he ever resurface?

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

yeah i've been noticing that things arnt adding up. i really hope he is somewhere still alive, and in time he was show himself again.
but i can see both sides fake death/ real death.
1)Didnt the doctor like not want to sign michael jackson's death certificate? i wonder why that is.

2.Even though its claimed that michael is way in debt, could he have been putting money aside to pay people to go along with his staged death?

3.Why has the custody hearing between debie rowe and katie jackson been delayed so many times?

4.Michaels autopsy has been pushed back since June twice (or three i think) reporters are saying we should expect results sometime this week, its now July 30, a Thursday.

5. Faking your death obviously takes some time to think out and to organize, when lisa marie presley said that michael thought he was going to die like her father did, could he have been planing his death since then?

I can see where people come from when they say that he really did die, his daughter seemed so heart broken at the memorial as did most of michaels his brothers and sisters. they said that there was an open cassette viewing at the funeral and that paris had a locket that she put around michaels wrist and that she had a matching one, and that she would never take hers off, in a way it sounds legit. if he was using diprivan, than it could have killed him becuase he was at that age when your consisered "elderly" right? your supposed to be extra carefull when elderlys are on it.

I do not know
i just like to believe he isnt dead. i dont know if i just cant accept it or what. but where ever he is i hope that he is in peace and that we will all see him again.


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