Although he may not be the boy some girls think of as handsome, to my heart he carries the key...



He made it!  It's been a rough weekend all around for my family, between my father's rapidly declining health and my sister's pregnancy risks becoming more severe, but so far, we're all intact, with a new little man to add to our clan. 

Over the weekend, my sister's heart rate started becoming erratic.  By Sunday evening, she was experiencing severe dizzy spells and mild nausea.  Remember, in addition to the Vasa Previa putting the baby at risk, my sister deals with the same form of heart disease that recently killed Billy Mays.  So, her Cardiologist and her Obstetric specialist spent a good portion of Monday weighing the risks to his health being born 7 1/2 weeks early versus if her heart can withstand carrying him any longer.  Her Cardiologist won, preparations for an emergency C-Sections began, and surgery was scheduled for 6:00am Tuesday. 

At 6:48am Tuesday, July 7, 2009, a miracle occurred.  Despite everything stacked against them, my sister delivered a mostly healthy baby boy.  He needs a bit of help breathing, but just some pressurized oxygen, not even a full blown respirator.  Both Mommy and Baby are recovering nicely from their ordeal, and should both be home within a week, maybe 10 days.

Welcome to the world, little man!



thats wonderful! he weighs just as much as my 3.5 month old! ah yes cheeks........and toes. good stuff!

Tommy is 2 months old today, and 12.5 lbs.  My nephew is redefining "preemie".  If I could figure out how to get pics from my phone to my computer, I'd show you his gigantic cheeks. *PINCH*


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Little legend baby, try your very best to hide a green-tinted sixties mind"

that is amazing news! so glad to read it! i have a funny feeling that he will keep amazing you and your family throughout his life. just wait till hes a toddler! looking at my two kids they amaze me everyday too so what a blessing! give him a high five for me when you see him!

oh my goodness he is growing fast! that is wonderful news. i enjoy your excitement as an aunt. very refreshing! 



My sister just called.  Nephew is one month old today, and is gaining weight like crazy!  They had a nurse visit the house this morning (preemies get 2 home nurse visits, who knew?) and the little man weighed in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and is 19 inches long.  I'm amazed...he's the size of a slightly larger than average full term infant, and he's still not even supposed to be here for another 3 1/2 weeks.


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I'm so glad the boy finally got to meet.  That's wonderful!



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I'm simply amazed by his tenacity, his fight.  He's going to be a tough kid.  He's my miracle nephew.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

Sorry, with everything going on with Dad, I keep forgetting to ask my sister his weight.  As of last night, he was 6.4.  Not too shabby!  And he finally got to meet his Grandpa.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

im going to guess and say 6.10.

good to hear! now the real fun begins. hahaha

awe, that is wonderful, lady.c! what is his weight up to now?   


Update!  Just one day shy of 3 weeks old, Nephew went home last night, hooray!  Not bad, considering he's still got 5 weeks till his due date.... :D


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"



aw that's good news ladyc.  he's a tough little guy.  that's awesome!


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so good to hear! thanks for the update. its so weird how one can worry about someone whom theyve never met. =) i think its part that im a mom and and aunt and know how unbelievably exciting and miraculous this time can be.

LOL, I was just about to dig this up to update.  Nephew is doing wonderfully, and was transferred out of NICU and into intermediate care late last week.  He's now breathing completely on his own, no more CPAP.  He'll be allowed to go home once he eats on his own for 24 solid hours.  So far, he's been falling asleep during some of the feedings, so he's not quite ready yet, but getting closer.  My sister's hoping by Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

As for actually being an Aunt, I really haven't had a chance yet, lol.  I haven't seen him since the day he was born, between to the strict visiting rules in the NICU, and Dad in hospice, we just haven't been able to mesh our schedules so that my Sis and I could go at the same time.  I'm not too worried about visiting the baby, I'll see plenty of him once he's released.  For now, he's in good hands, and getting stronger daily.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

ok ladyc. maybe i have missed it but i havent heard of an update in a while. how is the big strong boy doing and how much are you lovin being an aunt!?

He was born too early to nurse, the suckle isn't there yet.  She's been splitting her time out between visiting him and our Dad, and trying to get some rest, she's still quite sore.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

   excellent news! although i imagine your sister is happy to be out, she'll probably be spending just as much time back at the hospital w/lil'man. is she nursing? does the family get any extended visiting during this time?


what a big step and what wonderful news... although i knew he was a strong boy. he just has that look. =)


Update:  Not only is the little guy breathing on his own, he is now off the IV nutrition and eating formula.  Still no word on when he will be released from the hospital, but he's already gained 4 oz!  His Mommy was released today.


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

awe! he's just sweet, auntie c.;  and the expression on his wee face in the first photograph shows strength.


What a handsome little man!!  Congratulations, Auntie C, mommy, & family!  :)


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They took him off the O2 last night, and he's been breathing on his own just fine ever since :D


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

I was thinking "Huh?  What??"  but Willis works, too ;)


"For we are always what our situations hand us, it’s either sadness or euphoria"

His expression is priceless.  "WhatchutalkinboutWillis" comes to mind but you may not get the reference.  Different Strokes, I think. 

Anyway, it's great that he has such much character even though he is so nearly new.  Thanks for sharing!

he looks great!!! and i noticed no o2 on him? hes breathing ok on his own? ...thats awesome!

He is amazing!  Congrats to your sister.  She did good!!!  And congrats to you, Auntie!  They are both so lucky to have you. 

he IS a big boy! big and strong. your sis did great!


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