Motor oil for fleas and ticks?

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Melissa Soto
Re: Fleas & Ticks???

My dad did this to all of our dogs and they all lives 10+ year without any health issues. I always thought it was strange thought.

8-Bit Dave
Re: Fleas & Ticks???
No, the burnt motor oil will NOT kill your dog, unless you force it to drink a quart of it. I had to put a little burnt motor oil on my 3 year old chihuahua/min pin mix. Put a thick streak of the burnt motor oil from the back of the dog's nect to the base of it's tail and brush it in with a toothbrush. Leave it on overnight, then wash it off with mild soap. Just be very, very careful to not get it into the dog's eyes.
Re: Fleas & Ticks???

If it doesnt kill them, it will burn them very very badly. You can use down soap to kill the fleas and then topical flea stuff and its pretty cheap.

Dog Lover
Re: Fleas & Ticks???

And yet so many people have used it on their dogs, including my grand-dad, and their dogs were just fine..
Weird how that works... how people make up shit and post it on the internet as if they actually know what their talking about, i mean..

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Motor oil for fleas and ticks?

It actualy dose. Some one may say it's crule but when your dog is dying from mange
fleas and ticks let's see what you do. Best thing is too put a cone on so he dose not lick

Re: Motor oil for fleas and ticks?

Petroleum distillates are deadly for all living things. No question. DO NOT PUT IT ON AN ANIMAL. Now oil, like vegetable, can suffocate fleas, ticks, and lice. They breathe through their exoskeletons, and if you cover the animal in food oils and can keep him from licking the fleas and thereby saving them, you may kill some, but the oil must be on and heavy for 35 or more minutes before they begin to die. then you must comb them out, and repeat every day till the egg/adult cycle stops. Now on to reality, dollar general, family dollar and most junk stores sell a product called skip flea for 1-2 dollars. Buy it, use it(shampoo) and vaccuum every day. that's your best bet. IMHO
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Re: Motor oil for fleas and ticks?

Baby shampoo.

Wet dog, lather it on, let sit for 15 min, rinse Rover.

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Re: Motor oil for fleas and ticks?

CK recommended this method to me when a friends dog got fleas...since she's an animal expert I passed along her advice and it worked!  Simple, cheap, and effective!



Re: Motor oil for fleas and ticks?

cool. ive used baby shampoo before too because my dog has sensitive skin and alot of facial hair. i felt bad if i got shampoo in her eyes so i wanted something gentle.

Re: Motor oil for fleas and ticks?

My poor little beagle mix is tearing himself up with the scratch to the point he's making sores. Been to the vet and everything. The last thing they suggested was doing allergy tests which can get expensive. I've done the hydrocortisone spray, pure tea tree oil, I've shaved his back. Nothing works. Then someone told me about the motor oil but I'm worried about it getting on my carpet and such, but don't want to have to leave him outside over night or anything because he's an inside dog mostly.
Could you perhaps give me a step by step instructions on how to do this? Someone else above mentioned vegetable and/or olive oil....what is your take on that idea as opposed to the motor oil?
Thank you ever-so much, you help would be greatly appreciated and Buddy will feel much better. Vet said he was allergic to fleas. I don't know.


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