Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic - Don't know where to begin?

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Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic - Don't know where to begin?


My boyfriend and I are thinking of getting married in Dominican Republic but I don't even know where to begin to look. He is from the Dominican Republic and says we should either probably go to Punta Cana or Puerta Plata. Does anyone know any sites where I can check out resorts? Or has anyone been married in Dominican Republic and have any advice? Should I just google resorts and go from there. I did do that but its overwhelming! I am really looking for cost? Trying to figure out how much it would cost at a venue for under 100 people. 

I would appreciate any advice. 




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Re: Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic - Don't know ...

Well Id vote for Puerta Plata. I like it much better than Punta Cana. But it depends what you are looking for Punta Cana is closer to Santo Domingo and the 'touristy' areas. Puerto Plata is on the other side of the island and gorgeous and a bit more secluded. However, both places have a ton of resorts. My suggestion would be to check out the resort websites (Breezez, Dreams, Melia, even club-med) since any of those resorts will HELP you plan your wedding and getting your guests there and situated. They will also help you with the marriage license.

Which brings up the next point- you cant just 'get married' there. You have to ask for permission from the American Consulate first. Like most other places, you have to have IDs with you- passports and ORIGINAL birth certificates. And then some other various items (im not actually certain what they are, but my aunt had a HUGE stack of papers she had to bring with her and had to go to the american consulate and the DR consulate as well) But thats why im suggesting a resort that will do the planning for you- they will have all that information and be able to help you around the island to take care of all those details.

I have no idea on costs...venue really wont matter since all the resorts seem to offer some sort of wedding package. I think most of the cost will be flying your guests to the island and hotels rooms. All-inclusive resorts will obviously cost a bit more as well.

Congrats on the wedding plans :)

Re: Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic - Don't know ...

i was in Puerto Plata last month.  stayed at the Lifestyles Tropical Beach Resort and had a great time.  there's another resort, the Costa Dorada, that we went by a few times and it looked super pretty from the little i saw of it.  the Lifestyle rooms are average but they have villas which were nice, and would prob be great as a bridal suite.  also there's a casino/small club in the resort that your guest could enjoy the night before the wedding.  

so, like AE, Puerto Plata would also be my choice.  oh, and, congrats!! :)

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