Black Friday / Monday Sales: Post them here!

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Almost Evil
Black Friday / Monday Sales: Post them here!

Im not at all planning to take on the crowds this year so ALL my sale shopping will be done online. If youre like me, then you will be happy to know a lot of online sales are ALREADY ON!

Computer/Electronic 'stuff':  Sale in progress!

BestBuy online starts their sale at midnight tonight (12:01am Thursday Nov 26)

Fry's 1-day Pre-Thanksgiving Sale in progress right now (toshiba 500gb external hd $59, simpletech 320gb external $59, wii +3 games $199)



Ulta Sale in progress- and free shipping + discount coupon on front page!

Sephora Sale in Progress


And of course, there's Walmart They should be offering lots online, but a lot of the door buster sales are in store only, like the 32in LCD TV for $298, laptop for $198, RockBand for $50

Ive been picking up pieces to build a new desktop and managed to snag some great deals on TigerDirect (which is scheduled to start their sale tonight at midnight as well!) Im currently on the look out for a 23inch Monitor. Oh did a mention TigerDirects big sale is called Pink Friday and their whole site is pink? Lovin' it!

What are the hot tickets for YOU this year?



Hello Cupcake
Re: Black Friday / Monday Sales: Post them here!

I'm going online this year.  I am bookmarked & ready to launch :D

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