What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

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What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

I dont watch a lot of TV.. Actually, i sit in front of the TV a lot, but i dont really care/pay attention to what's on. Lately though, there have been several shows that i find are really, REALLY good.

What are YOUR favorite shows? List them, in order of their good'ness..


  • 30Rock - no doubt the best show on TV.  Sadly, it's about the only thing NBC has been able to do right for the last few years
  • Southland - I'm not really into "cop" shows, but this show is great. It only lasted on NBC for one season, but TNT has picked it up
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - it's like Seinfeld for the 21st century
  • Breaking Bad - The new season premier is this Sunday, March 21 !
  • Archer - If you love "grown up" animated shows, you'll love Archer.  Complete with rough-language and all


And of course, the two best shows everrr:  The Sopranos and Six Feet Under


What does your list look like?



Almost Evil
Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

Seems like over the last couple years Ive stopped paying attention to what I watch and the TV is just on for background noise. However there are a few I actually pay attention to when I watch:

New comedies that I think I like:

  • Cougartown- Courtney Cox, recently divorced mom with a dysfunctional relationship with her kid, ex, best friend (who is HILARRRIOUS!) and everyone else she meets
  • Modern Family- Crazy funny show about a totally dysfunctional family- complete with an ex-drug lord's wife as the 30 y/o step mom, a gay son and his partner who adopt an asian baby, and and core family of a kookie dad and semi-normal soccer mom. Its funny, trust me!

Dramas I cant live without:

  • Dexter- love it, must have more of it. 
  • Damages- Quite possibly the best show I have ever seen. Ever. Also one of those shows where you CANNOT miss an episode or you are totally screwed.
  • Brothers & Sisters- My gramma got me hooked on this show. Its actually really, really good- full of smart lines, comedy, heart break, etc. Give it a try, it might surprise you.
  • Honorable Mention: United States of Tara- Toni Collette with multiple personalities. Hilarity and craziness ensues. But its NOT a comedy. Theres something sad and honest about it that can be quite gripping.
  • Honorable Mention: True Blood- Vampires, Weres, etc. Season 1 was awesome. Season 2 was eh...and Season 3 looks like it will be better. Im still waiting to decide if it will become a favorite.
Re: YOUR favorite TV shows

Cougartown and Modern Family both ALMOST made it on my list. I watch them both, like them both, but they just arent quite up there with the others on my list. Good shows .

Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

These are just the shows that are still running.

Doctor Who
It's Always Sunny
Being Human
True Blood
Son's of Anarchy

Zoo Keeper
Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

I'm stuck on the oldies:

  • NCIS
  • Law & Order SVU
  • The First 48
  • and recently Criminal Minds


The only new one I have gotten into is The Good Wife with Julianna Marguiles and Peter Noth.

My son and I watch Extreme Home Makeover which turns me into a crybaby while Mini and I love Maury episodes about paternity..."You re not the father!" It is a long running joke...

I used to watch TV more but the gap created by the writer's strike has kinda broke my TV watching habits.

Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

House, 30 Rock, and Modern Family are my must see's... I'm trying to figure out if I like Parenthood, but it's a little too new to decide... Oh, and FlashForward... :D

I've also become a Clean House fan... but it's not on my favorites, because one part of the show irks me...

Edit: wtf... I forgot Glee... I lurv watching Glee!

Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

a few months back i thought House was one of the dumbest shows on TV.. now, i find myself watching it all the time (it's got reruns on cable all the time).. it's not great like 30-Rock or the other 'great' shows listed (IMHO), but i just cant help but watch it..

PS.. There are a LOT of "inside" jokes on 30-Rock that only employees of a certain, very large company would ever get.. makes it even more fun to watch.

Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

30 Rock, The Office, Dog the Bounty Hunter, True Blood, Big Love, The Tudors, Entourage, No Reservations,  Man vs Food...I may watch too much tv...

Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

Still hooked on LOST and it's still driving me crazy.
The Big Bang Theory is always good for some laughs.
I agree with Almost Evil about Dexter, it is addictive.
Supernatural \,,/
And just got into Burn Notice

Zoo Keeper
Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

Oh yes....Burn Notice!!! Absolutely love that show. Mr.Pants pulled him over when he was in town for a golf tournament and even he got a little star struck!

Almost Evil
Re: What are YOUR favorite TV shows ?

mmm hes soooo hot too!


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