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Thanks for the info :)

I had always wanted the hairballs coughed up, it scares me when I think he can't get one up... I know that NOT coughing them up can be harmful... I was just starting to worry that maybe the frequency could be...

I think I've only attempted to give them 'hairball control' food once... they didn't seem to care for it and I was skeptical that it could do anything... I just try to find food they like (being why I got this kind again)...

I'll look into the hairball supplement stuff... I'm really not sure how 'bad' they are now that hubs2be caught Yuki coughing one up today, since I've not witnessed who's actually been having them and had just been assuming it was Boo... I suppose if they're both coughing them up, they're a lot less frequent than I originally thought.

Tell Tim that if he wants to give Boo a bath, I'll mail him to ya, but I'm not paying for the hospital bills that will ensue... Unless there's a video of said Boo-Bath. :D


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