"View photos of me" on Facebook

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"View photos of me" on Facebook


I was looking at my Facebook profile and under my profile picture is the link "View pictures of me (99)" but when I click on that link to see those 99 pictures the link above all the pictures (in top left corner) says "Photos of XYZ (98)". My questions are:

Where is that 99th picture?  

Could it be that someone has tagged me in a photo album that I somehow am I not allowed to see?

Could it be that someone that I am not "Friends" with has me tagged in a picture?

Could it be that someone I have blocked (or who has blocked me) has be tagged in a picture? I thought that if you were blocked or blocked someone all links were erased, including photos.

Is there anyway to find out where that 99th picture is or who has tagged me in that 99th photo?

And finally, it is crazy for me to expect to have full control on who tags me in photos?

Thanks for all your help "geeks"




Re: "View photos of me" on Facebook

It may well just be a glitch, someone may have tagged you and then you or someone else de-tagged you in the past or something.


Don't worry about it i've noticed it on mine before and it sorts itself out eventually!

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