Actually happy with a zero

Bear with me. This is my first blog.Embarassed This probably wont be a long blog and I may addon to it.

As a dental college student, part of my grade is having approximately two patients a day. If they are a no call - no show  then I get a zero for my grade. I need a certain amount of points to reach graduation. But to be honest, sometimes I am actually happy that someone cancels because it gives me the rest of the morning/afternoon to get errands done. LOL!!!!  No Im not lazy, not un-motivated but I am a busy woman with so much to do!!! I have one patient who has given me almost 1/4th of my required credits with their dental plan. (Once I complete her treatment plan I will have worked on her for almost 2 years!) She is a nice older lady and I really enjoy her visits. Ive given her Ten fillings, three root canals, extraction, permanent bridge (lasts about 10-12 years) and a vaneer. The dental college is great because the price is soooooo much cheaper than going to a real dentist. She has canceled about 5 times. And alot of patients cancel. I will still get my credits because of the large intake of patients. 


So sometimes a zero is ok with me Cool



A little update. I'm not too happy about this - the patient failed to take care of the work we did on her mouth for the permanent bridge :( We specifically told her the work could last up to 12 years - and if she didn't take care of it properly it could fail in less than 3 years & we would have to cut it out of her mouth and start over. She was to use Super Floss at least once a week - it goes into the hole between # 9 and #10 and then slides over the top of # 10 and comes out between #10 and #11. Sadly - she failed to keep that clean and the other areas around the bridge clean...she has to return to get it redone. I feel bad for her - it's going to be rough. :( I'm starting work at a Dental Office this fall - I will be willing to take her as a patient but she won't get the cheaper price that she can get at the Dental College. It would be better for her to come to me - since I am familiar her. I hope she can save some money and get on a payment plan with us - it's my Uncle's office so he will work with us on this.

Your teeth follow you the rest of your life - take good care of them before it's too late.

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