A bit of IP login history help.

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A bit of IP login history help.
Is there anyway of getting an IP address then seeing all of their login history? My friend recently got her art stolen and she wants the account that stole her art, DELETED. She stole quite a few pieces of art. If anyone knows anything about this, please respond to this. Thanks. -Jeremy


Re: A bit of IP login history help.

Login history for what? What kind of account does she want deleted?

...anyway, regardless of where the art is stolen from or posted, if it is copyrighted, she can generally file a complaint with the host or service (ie; Myspace, Facebook, internet service provider, etc) to have the offending art removed. Generally, the person filing the complaint (the victim - your friend) does not get to choose the punishment - meaning, she may have no say in whether the account gets deleted.

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