Possibility of someone gaining access to your email, facebook email etc

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Possibility of someone gaining access to your email, facebook email etc

I have reason to believe that both my private email and facebook email was somehow read. I don't click on links from strange places, I don't open any emails from strangers. I never had access to the person who seems to have gained access to all of my private things computer. One night I checked my email there, but that was it. And logged out, closed out. Never facebook on that computer and I don't believe (pretty positive) they don't have the knowledge to do this on their own based on personal experience. Yet, somehow, this person seems to know everything (facebook and email) I wrote or said over a period of time. AND worse, it was misconstrued.

Spybot, adaware, avg, etc have all been on my computer and are negative for keyloggers/etc.  For a couple of days when my information must have been transferred, I noticed I was "online" on facebook when I never am. So for those few days being suspicious, I went online constantly and changed my passwords to harder and harder combinations.

Question....is it possible for a private investigator or someone knowledgeable in IT to be able to easily gain access to personal things like that? I thought it was illegal. My life has been turned upside down because of this. I'm trying to figure out what happened.

I've lost a good portion of the last few months of my life over this. And am completely confused as to what happened. Any advice/help would be appreciated. And if anyone has experienced this, what are my remedies??





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[quote=tbear] One night I checked my email there, but that was it. And logged out, closed out. [/quote]

You mean you logged in to your email from that person's computer? It is possible that person was able to 'capture' your email info - then, once they 'own' your email, they could get into your Facebook via 'forgot password'.

But.. let's back up a bit.. you are assuming that they have gained access to your FaceBook and email - is there no other possible way that they know everything your wrote ??

Either way - to be safe I would get a "keylogger detector" and a rootkit detector - these will check for rootkits and keyloggers more thoroughly than Spybot or Adaware - also, you dont mention running an Antivirus - i would make sure you have a good, current AV and run a full scan. I would also change my FaceBook and email passwords. There is also an option in FaceBook to get notifications when someone logs in from a new device (PC) - and you can see what PC's have already been accessing your account.

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Hey Hubby,

I already have the facebook notification in use, have for a while. I use a word only I know every time I log in, even if its from the same computer. So say someone used my home laptop and wrote "home" I'd know it wasn't me and that notification goes right to my phone no matter where I am.

Yes, I logged into my hotmail from the other computer ONE time only, and I always log out when I'm done on any computer but there is a very off chance I may have slipped up. However, most of the information up for discussion was from facebook which had a different password. Although I see your point. The person had a lot of time on their hands when this went down.

There would be no other possible way to know the things that were in my facebook emails, as I don't tell people what I write to certain people. The people I wrote to don't have contact with one another. It was very, very bizzare. I'm not EXCELLENT with computers but I had taken myself as more understanding of security than he was. As I think I may have mentioned, for a week or two, I kept showing up online on facebook when I logged in when I never am as I have my default set to offline. That tipped me off that someone had my passwords somehow (and they are always different for all my social networking as well as email). For about 2 weeks it drove me nuts keeping up with it. I was having issues logging into the hotmail during that time too.  So then I suspected keylogger but I thought I had run the appropriate scans (based on my very limited knowledge).

The messages the person thinks they know about were misinterpreted or used for their own purposes, which was worse. So I don't know if it was my boyfriend who thinks he got in, or someone else was being malicious. I never, ever have gone into someone's email or facebook without permission. So this irritates me. I found more creative and legal ways to find out information, if that makes sense.

I have now password protected my laptops so my roommates can't access, and he's never here.

Do you recommend any good keylogger detectors? I don't even know what a rootkit detector is but I'd get it. YOU actually saved me with a trojan I couldn't get rid of when you recommended AVG antivirus. I run scans ALL the time now. I have, and have always had what I thought were difficult passwords to crack. I for the first time with my computer, felt violated and couldn't fix and want to know what happened.

My guess was keylogger but I could never pin it down or get a scan to show one. :/


PS..... I also did notice, when it was driving me batty seeing I was "online" when I wasn't, I switched from hotmail to gmail (think everyone should). And noticed what IP addresses logged into my accounts. I never gave that gmail address out to anyone...and did notice the same person who miraculously got information had the same ip address in emails from hotmail TO me as the ip that was in my gmail...which I NEVER logged into anywhere else as I just started setting it up.  So I'd definitely need good names of keylogger detectors and rootkit things.

AND when I confronted, I was told I am crazy because how would THEY know I have a gmail. That the truth is my untrustworthy friends told them everything.  (impossible). I also thought maybe my blackberry but I don't save old messages from FaceBook so that made no sense either. ITs just weird because makes no sense.

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Not sure if this helps but I noticed I am able to log on with both my school email and my regular email. I signed up when you had to have a school email address but removed it a long time ago b/c the account was supposed to be closed after I graduated. however, my computer still automatically plugs in that email address sometimes when i open the site. it still logs me on with that info

Re: Possibility of someone gaining access to your ...

I would also like to know how I get a keylogger detector and a rootkit detector. I have a similar problem.

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