Not gossip, but need tech advise

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Not gossip, but need tech advise

Hi guys,

In the next few months I will need to get a personal website for self marketing (you know, selling my skills to potential employers). I don't know much about the process other than that mac's iweb is a good, user friendly program that has nice looking templates (or so I have been told); that I need to buy a domain name; and that I'll need a host.

Could someone give me some pointers as to what else I need to do/consider in order to have a website? Any recommendations on cheap but good web hosting, domain name, tracking visitors, etc.



Re: setting up a new website

I would not recommend iWeb - instead, i would look at a simple CMS such as Wordpress. It will take a little more to get setup (FTPing some files to your server, setting up the database, etc) - Unless your host offers a "one click" installation. But once it is all setup, it is very simple to use and it is very professional looking..

Most of the 'big' companies offer very-low priced "shared" hosting (probably fine for you) - i would look at HostGator or PowWeb - as hard as it may be, stay away from GoDaddy - their only intention in life is to trick you and upsell you on stuff you dont need.

You might also want to look at They make it very easy to setup a simple, great looking website.

I've done all this a few times, and helped many others do it, so if you have more questions, just post 'em !

Re: Not gossip, but need tech advise

Thanks hubby!

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