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Bruce9997 Error Message

Rather than usiing Microsoft Office or other office type software, I use Open Office Org's software.  However, lately I get a strange message every time I open a file.  The message is as follows:


"Error loading BASIC of document file:///c:/Documents %20 and %20 Settings/HOME/Application %20 Data/ General Error:  General input/output error. "


Can anyone out there make heads or tails of the message, and what needs to be done to get rid of it?  Any help I can get on the subject will be greatly appreciated.




Re: Error Message

I love Open Office and tell everyone i know that complains about how much MS Office costs that they should use Open Office! But alas, just like any software, it's not perfect..

I found in the Open Office forum a similar post about someone getting the "General input/output error" with dialog.xlc.. This was the fix.. try it and see if it helps:

Close OpenOffice
Go to the installation-folder/presets/basic/
find 'dialog.xlc' and copy it to'
Cross fingers, face east
Start OpenOffice while holding breath

Did it help?

*Installation Folder probably = C:\Programs
**Home folder will be C:\documents and settings\home\application data\\3\user\basic (it's referenced in the error that you see)

Re: Error Message

Yippee!  I done went, and did it, AND IT WORKED!  OH!  How wonderful.  Thank you, thank you!  You're a genius!

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Re: Error Message
When I try to open some Open Office documents, I get a box with a red X saying This Requested Operation Requires Elevation. What the heck is THAT?
Re: Error Message

Huh.. That might mean it's time to make the move to LibreOffice!
...Could also be a file-permissions problem? Where are these files located? (internal drive, external drive, USBdrive?)

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Re: Error Message
The files are on the internal hard drive. I use these files every day at work & have been for nearly 2 years now. So why its giving me trouble now is a mystery to me.

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