I need more space, I want to move in 3 months

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I need more space, I want to move in 3 months
I do not understand why is it that it is so hard to find a home for you and your family to have stability and memories to share. I is so many abandon homes that are very beautiful just sitting there wasting beautiful talent.Come on how bad can someone's credit have to be as long as they can afford the payments should really be enough, I mean the one who meets the requirements get's in but yet in some I months or years there moving out, by choice? maybe.


Re: I need more space, I want to move in 3 months

Ehrm.. I'm not really clear on what you are saying.. but, if you are saying you're having a tough time finding a home that you quality for, i think you're about 2 years to late! Two years ago ANYBODY could buy a home whether they could afford it or not! Now that the banks and Wallstreet have realized that selling something to someone that has virtually no chance of ever paying for it is not a good way to make money, they have gone 180degrees in the opposite direction making it difficult for ANYBODY to qualify for a loan.. heck, it's almost like it was 10 years ago when you actually had to PROVE that you had a job, could make payments, etc..

If you're referring to all the people moving out/being foreclosed on, leaving the empty houses on every street - well, that's a combination of the people buying houses they could never possibly afford and the people that could afford their houses, but due to the recession (because of the banks selling homes to people that could not afford homes, etc) they may have lost a job and now cant afford it.. dont even get me started.. seriously DONT even get me started on who to blame!

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Re: I need more space, I want to move in 3 months
It's still a buyer's market (12/6/10) in most areas of the US and these next 4-8 weeks will be ripe for securing a new or refinanced mortgage at a very low interest rate.  The govt is extending present income tax rates and it also gave a generous extension to unemployment benefits.  The Fed is twitchy these days and will watch economic indicators with a magnifying glass.  They will be quick to tweak (increase) rates accordingly so rates probably won't stay this low for long. With rates this low, shop for a house in the price range where you can qualify (and afford) payments in a 15-year fixed rate.  Time flies... you'll own a house in 15 short years.

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