Do you like the new look/changes to Facebook profiles?




For more info take a look at some of your friends Facebook profiles, or read this: Facebook Changes Profile Pages.
FWIW, i kinda like the changes..

Overwhelmingly meh.... The changes are purely cosmetic... It's all the same stuff, just moved around to different places. Once everyone gets used to where everything is under the new layout, they won't care anymore. And the next time Facebook decides to make a change, everyone will protest and demand that they change it back to this one. Facebook apparently does not believe in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy... It's change for the sake of change. *sigh* But at least the changes give people something new to talk about, bloggers to blog about, and forum owners to create polls about. :p The biggest thing that I DON'T like about the new profile is the loss of status messages. You can share a "status" but it doesn't display at the top of your page anymore.... It quickly gets buried under the dozens of MafiaWars/Farmville posts on your page. Nobody can see at a glance what your latest news is. Your profile page is now a newspaper without a headline, a book without a title, a facebook page without a status...... But at least they fixed my ability to return pokes... I'm sure all of my friends have missed my daily pokes... or not.

 I'm with anon...It's purely cosmetic, and having to dig through 6372 FarmVille posts to find an actual status update is for the birds.

Have you noticed since the change that your "recent activity" now shows the text of the comment that you had placed on your friends status/links/photos/ect... Does anyone know if you can change your settings to change that somehow? I can't seem to find anywhere on how to change it in my settings.

people facebook blocked why i'm profile really in facebook old open back please

You probably got blocked because you post things in the wrong place and ask questions that have nothing to do with the post you're asking in.

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