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Blog Trackers
I was on Tumblr and noticed there was an option for Google Analytics. I was wondering how much information can Google Analytics show the page owner. Do they show any specifics, such as what page exactly you were on before you went to their Tumblr website? Can more specific trackers be placed on Tumblr? Just wondering if I had been tracked using Tumblr.


Re: Tumblr Trackers

Analytics (aka Urchin Tracker) will show you the "referrer" which is the webpage the person came to your page from IF they clicked a link on that page to get there. So, for example, if they are at and there is a link to your Tumblr page and they click it, you will see as the "referrer".. if they are at, and just type-in your Tumblr page into their browser, you will not see any referrer. You will not get the IP or any other specifically identifying information though.

Dunno enough about Tumblr to know what other trackers you can put on it.

Re: Blog Trackers

I have been using a tracker for my tumblr blog from since October of last year, and I LOVE it!  I have a Level 2 Professional Subscription that runs me $6.95 per month.

I am provided a code for the tracker that is specific to tumblr, and it's as easy as copying and pasting the code into the info section on your blog. Because of my subscription level, I have the option to run a hidden tracker on my tumblr page.

The info provided from the tracker is really some of the best I've seen.  You get a rough location of the visitor's IP (and the locations for the IP's that have visited my blog have been accurate to within 5 miles), you can see what webpage referred them (unless they type your address in manually or have your page bookmarked - then you get a "no referrer" message), you get the duration of their visit and any pages they view on your blog, it also tells you what OS system the visitor is using, as well as browser and screen resolution.

It also allows you to block visitors by IP and gives you the option to have those blocked IP's see a blank page, an  "under construction" page or "page no longer available" page, a customized messge screen, a customized message screen with a redirect to a URL that you specify, and customized pop up screen, or a customized pop up screen with a redirect to a URL that you specify. You can also block by geogrpahic location, or during certain time frames and again with that feature giving you the myriad redirect/message options available with the IP blocking feature. 

If you only want a certain page or link on your blog tracked, you have that option too.  All trackers have an available option to hide.

One of the best things about this service is that it is very easy to understand and follow - even the most inexperienced user will be able to utilize and understand the features offered. And their customer support turn around time has been less than 24 hours.

Can't say enough good about them!

Hope this helps.  Take care.


 - Fairly



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