ZOMG, Twittersphere, NSFW

Today Oxford Dictionaries released their official monthly update which includes some unique and interesting additions. Among the additions are popular internet words such as ZOMG (an enthusiast version of Oh My God), Twittersphere, and NSFW (short for Not Safe For Work). Each of these were added simply because they have been put into basically regular use online and are thereby considered to be useful words according to Oxford.

Nearly all of the words added were short or popular abbreviations that have been put into nearly fulltime usage online. The trend from Oxford has followed this same system as well; in the past few years dozens of these popular words have been added to Oxford so it pretty much confirms suspicions that much of the English language is being shortened or abbreviated.

In the end the addition of these words to the official Oxford dictionary might not seem like a big deal but analysts say it is. The progression of the English language is becoming largely an online thing and these new web-centric words are just another sign that they are correct.




Oh Trinity, I couldn't agree more.  This makes my eye twitch.  These are better well suited for Urban Dictionary.  Perhaps Oxford should be left to those actually interested in speaking in full sentences and not 147 characters.

I like how we add imaginary words to the English language, and readjust definitions due to lazy and incorrect usage of words...

We're just allowing people to be stupid by redefining what's right to include what's wrong.

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