Tracking IP address from Google Analytics

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Tracking IP address from Google Analytics


I really need some help. I have a business website that uses Google Analytics. A vicious person has visited my site and caused some serious damage to my business. Through Analytics I know roughly the area they are from but i suspect that this is a work colleague and it is driving me mad as I am sure that the next step for them will be quite serious. I want to have proof who this person is so i know how to deal with the situation.

Is there a way of finding out more info about their IP address from Analytics?


Re: Tracking IP address from Google Analytics

As far as I know, Google Analytics wont give you granularity down to the IP level - but you should be able to look into your raw-logs on your server for the IP address.

I have run into this situation many times (idiots causing trouble on a website, hopped-up with brazen fearlessness while hiding behind an Internet cable). Instead of 'proving' who it is, chasing them in circles, etc - just get the IP address from your logs, then BLOCK it - boom - problem solved! If they start coming back hiding through proxies, there are ways to deal with that as well..

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