Internet help: What does WWW mean?

What does the 'WWW' at the beginning of some website addresses mean?

WWW is short for World Wide Web.


Although many people don't know it, the internet consists of more than just "The Web". There are other protocols, such as eMail, FTP, Gopher, and Telnet. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), another protocol that can be used for other things other than just "the web". In the old days (before 1995) before the web was popular you connected to a computer over the internet by prefacing the address with "HTTP:" or "FTP:". When the "World Wide Web" protocol was introduced it was necessary to connect to a system using the WWW protocol by using the address format of "HTTP://". Back then, HTTP: and WWW: were two seperate protocols, meaning, HTTP:// might take to you to a different part of the computer than HTTP:// .

Today the World Wide Web IS the Internet

Today it's different. Today "the Internet" means the web and email to most people. Because the WWW protocol is the most popular, virtually ALL internet servers will open the the same page regardless if you type in, or .

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My browser (Firefox 6.0.1) all of a sudden started treating very differently from The first gets a "File not found" error, followed by "Firefox can't find the file at" The second works normally. This is very different from a 404 Not Found error.

What would cause this? The error does not occur on another computer using the same version of Firefox.

please let me claer with example,and properly.

[quote=wtf]this is bad[/quote] please elaborate why it is bad. My children use the internet quite often for research for their school papers, but if this is bad I want to know in what way to ensure my kids are not in any dangers.

Mr. WTF is known as a troll. Trolls go around the internet to websites like this and submit stupid and pointless comments intending to confuse or enrage normal people.

Of course there are dangers with children using the internet unsupervised, but as long as you are supervising what your kids are doing, you should have nothing to worry about.

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