did michael jackson fake his death ?!

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

there is something about MJ he could of faked his death like 2 pawk did to get out of his own life to get away from the people who faulsly convicted him of child molestation.

Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

First of all this is the most evidence ever:

1= Did you ever think about 2 or 3 years ago , in one of his interview he said : i want to take a break of 2 or 3 years i dont know when but anyway come back with a new show, the biggest and the greatest show ever called : Thriller; back to the dead

bells ring ? Thriller ; back to the dead,,, you find it strange . yes you think same like me !

2= did you remember in this is it movie the woman who dance and sing ? its a black and white video i have always try to know why the producer decide to put this in the movie but with some google search i finally find the movie and decided to watch the movie and then in the woman.s movie the girl that we saw dancing faked his death /in the movie/

Bells Ring again

3 = the ambulance decided to take the long way to the hospital ; HELLLOOO if someone is between the life and the death in you fricking ambulance im not sure that you will decide to take your time and take the longest way fro, the ,an between death and life to the hospital !

+ look a video of he ambulance arrive to the hospital someone who walk exactly like MJ hang out to the ambulance

Bells Ring a third time

do you start to believe in the possibility that Michael ca still be there ?

it existe a lot of other reason i decided to take this three one cause for me they are the most important and the most who can be taken seriously : so you can also go on youtube to check the other reason , but every fan in our heart we have this little piece of our heart who says he is still alive he is somewhere

if he is really dead i just want to say please god keep him beside you and give to him all your love like he did with every child in the whole world , he was the king of pop and now he is the god of pop i will also love him no matter what and until the world falls down,

if he still alive and hide himself somewhere i just want god give him the faith and all the reason for his come back! im still always hope and believe in this possibility ! and i, sure everyone going to accept and forgive him for faked his dead !

cause one glove is cooler than two he will stay forever in the memories my sweet angel

Peace and Love

Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

Michael Jackson is ALIVE!!! He is on a mission and his purpose is greater than his craft. Michael is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and he has finally found a way to get the attention of the world. If you think his death is shocking, just wait for his return. Feel free to attend the Facebook event "BAMS Day and the aftermath (The return of Michael Jackson) on Oct. 8, 2011. He was expected to return July 13th & that date has been a date in HIStory where many major events have taken place. The Hollywood sign was put up on July 13th in 1923, the Watergate tapes were discovered on July 13th, Julius Caesar was born on July 13th and so was the sun god Rah and The LIVE AID concert also took place on this date. Something that happens only once in a Blue moon is that there are 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays in this month of July in 2011. This is a futuristic photo of MJ with a Blue moon over his eye like a patch and his hair is short. Some beLIEve this is a clue about the resurrection. This is it was a feature film that had been casted long before open call auditions and was not a documentary made after the death as we were originally lead to believe and he also used doubles in the film, so if you think he looked odd or something was off, you are not wrong.

Things have been iffy and fishy since Fune 25th day one. This is NOT it folks. Michael is still ALIVE. (Newly revised, the return was postponed but an announcement was made on July 25th and a tribute concert is scheduled for Oct 8th of this year. What's interesting about this day & date is that it falls after 40 years and is a copycat of Elvis yet again. Which if you examine all the circumstances, there are just too many coincidences to be just that. Cardiff, Wales, the location of the coming concert is also a clue about the biggest hoax that took place in 1869 in Cardiff, New York about a human giant. This hoax was so successful that PT Barnum later repeated it again and fans may know of MJ's interest in Barnum and his works. Yes, this is The greatest show on earth. Evidence is growing by leaps & bounds.

Lisa-Rose Melnbardis
Yes maybe true Micheal Jackson fake died but no peoples see him
I saw him whole his body like Micheal Jackson in drive all white truck four door all new pass park to gas shell and i saw him again, he walked the out door close me and he was smile and bequite our bank royal towndown last March 2011. I think it is micheal jackson and you can check video tape gas shell in bourlaque and bank royal video tape, i live north canada Val-d'Or, Quebec. Now i am not him long month and he is gone to trip?.
Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!
WHERE-Ever M.J. is, He NEEDS 2 STAY There B/C He Has RUINED The WORLD With HIS Non-CHRISTIAN, WorLdLy MUSIC !!! *WE Christians DON'T HAVE TIME 4 That KIND of MUSIC!! ................................................................... *b/c WE Are Too BUSY TRYing 2 MAKE It 2 H.E.A.V.E.N. (The Same PLACE That "TROY DAVIS" Probably WENT) After "GEORGIA" Executed HIM!!! *Signed: "FriendLyProphet"
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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!
Hey you. You suck. You need to know how to shut your mouth. Michael's music is the best. Your just a big ass. Grow up.
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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!
The fact that there is a trial going on for Dr. Murray and officials from the morgue, dr.'s offices, guards are all testifying to the circumstances surrounding his DEATH makes it a little hard to beliEve that they're all lying and in a cover up - maybe Michael paid them all to lie to keep it a secret? Come on, get real. The man is dead.
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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!
Number 1 I belieVe micheal is still alive the illuminati has a big part to do with this whole conspiracy of micheal being "dead" which I believe he faked his death to get away from it and those children are not even jacksons biological kids there white with blue eyes people so he loves them but only Jackson knows the truth micheal Jackson
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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!
Listen here person. Your picking on his kids. Shut up here. Who the hell gives you the right to say those weren't Michael's real kids. He was their father. A father is a person that raises the children. Gives them love and all the care that they need. That is a father. So before you say one more word about his children think. I am so sick and tired of hearing this lie that Michael faked his own death. This is getting out of control. Michael isn't that type of man. Why not take your lying mouths and shut up. Michael needs to be able to rest in peace. Man the wonderful man did really die and even in death he cannot even rest in peace. Everyone just needs to understand that Michael had an amazing heart. All those lies that he hurt children were wrong. He never hurt no kids. All he ever did was help children which I would have done. Stop judging for you people have no right. Don't go around listening to all the lies. Why not look up all the good things this man has done and you will see just how amazing he really was.
Deejay Dan
Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!
When you think of it figuratively, Michael is alive. As long as we keep on listening to his music and remember him for the wonderful entertainer and person that he was, he is never truely dead. I've read alot of things about Michael more recently. Some say he's actually dead and some say that he actually really is alive and faked his death. There is such compelling evidence that proves that he is really dead, but there is also just as much compelling evidence that says he faked his death. Is Michael really dead? I can't answer that question without thinking about the validity of the other possiblity. Is Michael really alive somewhere? I can't answer that question without thinking about the validity of the first possiblity. One thing's for sure though, if he really is hiding out somewhere he has good reason to. Would you really blame him for faking his death after all the crappy things that us Americans have done and said against him? Here's another question for you. If he really did fake his death to get away from it all, don't you think your disrespecting his wishes in thinking he's still alive when he worked so hard to make everyone believe he's dead. IF you're really a Michael Jackson fan then you will believe that he is dead, whether if he really is or not, in respect of his wishes. I'm a fan of Michael's and I'm proud to say that he's dead, because that's what Michael wants us to believe either way. I think this forum should be laid to rest out of the respect of Michael.


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