Finding my son

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Finding my son
Our son is recently enrolled in college and we have had a falling out and I am concerned about what he is saying and want to know where he is so he is safe. I have an iphone 4 and he has the new iphone 5. How can I track him either his messages he is sending his girlfriend or to track him to at least know his whereabouts as he is 9 hrs away.


Re: Finding my son

You can track an iPhone using Find My iPhone and you could get copies of iMessages via iCloud. The only problem is that this must be done in advance and you have to have the phone in your hands to configure it. If you can't touch the iPhone, I am not aware of anything you can do.

There is an app called "Find My Friends" that gives you the location of your "friends", but they have to install the app, you have to send them a request via the app, and they have to approve/allow the request before you can locate them.

There are apps or systems that claim to be able to allow you track every call and text message on any type of phone and all you have to do is send your credit card info to some guy in Russia that can't really speak english. I have YET to see a credible review on any of these apps/systems.

Your only options might be to work it out "the old fashioned way".

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