Stalker using a proxy server, what can I do?

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Stalker using a proxy server, what can I do?
We have a stalker trying to leave comments on my companies website about my boss. It's been going on for 3 months now. The website is created in wordpress. I'm trying to located the guy so we can contact the police. He is currently using a proxy server to mask his trail. Any ideas on how I can catch the guy?


Re: Stalker using a proxy server, what can I do?

If he's using proxies, you will never be able to track him and even the police will have a tough time.. and of course, the only way the police will even care is if he's making serious threats, etc.

I have dealt with idiots hiding behind proxies for a long time.. I've used a combination of ignoring them and blocking proxies (many ways, but none is 100% perfect).. you might even consider disabling comments or requiring them to be moderated before being visible.. of course, this only lessens the impact of the stupidity, it does not help to catch him..

I run several websites, a few on Wordpress and like i said i am familiar with dealing with this.. if you need help with blocking, etc, feel free to send me a private message.

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