Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOUR help

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Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOUR help

 We've got the new server, it's up and running with no crashes in a couple of weeks - so i think it's ready for prime-time.

Let's see what all you loyal GuGee's can do to get some new visitors rolling in here!

These are a few ways that all of you can help drum-up new visitors:

  • If you're already a member at StumbleUpon, submit some pages! If you aren't a member and are willing to sign up (it's free) give it a try, and submit us
  • (Careful, there is some racy stuff on that site) - Find a page of ours that you like and submit it
  • Send a bulletin, blog, post comments!
  • Delicious, Reddit, Furl: You guys that use these services know how to use them
  • Email: Know somebody that could use some computer help, Myspace help, Cooking help or help with any of the other subjects here at the site? Send them a good old fashioned email
  • Got a BLOG? Make a blog post about us!
  • Other people's blogs: Post comments in other blogs with links or references to The GuG. Careful - nobody likes a 'spammer'
  • Word of mouth: Ya, some people still talk.. in person - Tell a friend!

If you do any of these, make a post below and let us know what you did. If you have any other ideas for spreading the word about The GuG, post those too!




How you can help The GuG

One thing that probably comes to many people's mind first is  But those folks at Digg are TOUGH!  It takes a really good, outstanding and interesting page to be popular on Digg.  Since GuG has already hit it big on twice, I think we've worn out our welcome there! 



Whoo! I've had a homemade banner on my myspace page for a whiles... and I comment people to use GuG all the time... since I have no real friends to tell anyway, myspace works best for me!

Abra has one too!


Blonde is a state of mind... or lack thereof...

Hi Anime

I'd like to see your banner. Sounds cool. I had GuG on mine, but took it off, because, well, it's my profile (onlyprofile) that I was using to 'spy' and had a friend on there, but their account got deleted cause of porn so they aren't my friend anymore. So now, I can put it back up.

And a Whooo to you. Wink


If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

I'm with ya!

Definately I'll post a link on my myspace site to you.
Really impressed with what you offer here in many ways,....
I've been watching a thread for a few weeks now, and when I finally signed up today and surfed the site further,was even more impressed.
:D to make money from your website has definately tickled my fancy and will be looking further into that.
Massive kudo's again to you for a BRILLIANT and friendly site.

okay so if send people this way

If we send people this way and they sign up do we get any kinda credit for it.Or do we tell them to put are name somewhere in the sign up.

re: helping The Geek

Right now I don't have any reliable method of tracking new sign-up's.. But we arent necessarly looking for new members per 'se, just looking to spread The GuG word.

If I am able to get a reliable sign-up tracker then we will definatly have a contest and give away some nice goodies to the winners..

Helping the Geek

Perfect timing. I just updated one of my pages about GuG (AND I'm having trouble with it doing what I want it to do, like centering text, etc.) It's the page mentioned on my profile here. As I was reading through some of my older blogs, I realized I had mentioned you in several places. Anyway, take a look, and let me know if it's good or bad.

I'll find a more appropriate place to ask my questions about that page. It's frustrating me to no end because somehow I managed to 'stick' a particular blog on the front page and I don't want it there! But I don't have enough time right now to work on it more and figure out how I did it.

Anyway, it's a work in progress as is another page that I started several weeks ago and haven't had a chance to finish yet. With the snow that's falling right now and another blizzard on the way, I just might get some more time! And maybe build a snowman or snowwoman or snowgeek. Tongue out<---my Miss face lol




If I was standing on a fish, I'd slip and fall......

Re: Making GrownUp Geek famous

Another thing that came to mind today was calling into radio-show's, TV's shows, podcasts, etc, and mentionioning TheGuG..  I'm even thinking of making a contest, or giving a (big) cash-reward for any member that does this..  What do you guys think?  I bet Howard Stern doesn't pay his fans for saying 'ba-ba-booey' on Larry King!



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Re: Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOU

ooh I'm excited about spreading the word! I will for sure make a bulletin on my myspace and send it out...I bet LOTS of peeps will come and check it out!!

I have been very stingy and not really spread the word, except for a couple of close friends, but now...I feel it is time to let the world know...GUG ROCKS!! I love this place and I am now willing to share it with others...LOL!! Laughing

I wouldn't turn down a reward system, but it's not necessary for me to tell everyone about ya...Wink



I AM GEEK HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tongue out

Re: Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOU

I've seen mention of people having made their own banners, but does GuG have an official one?  I'd be happy to display my geekhood on MySpace!


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