A Friend in need?

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A Friend in need?
I have had a friend I thought for a very long time it was always some sort of disconection between us. I was always more of the care for the friendship. all thought when I call she took the time to talk for a second but it was never a friendly convasation. To my dismay something happen to me and there was not so much as how are you. Since that time I have moved on but it makes me concern about what I missed .


Re: A Friend in need?

Hi Maya,

Most times when a friend just up and stops talking to you, it means something is going on in their life that they would rather keep un-shared. It's most likely nothing against you, but maybe something with your friend. It may be relationship issues, or family issues. Sometimes even personal issues. I've had this done to me several times. Where you think a friendship is going fantastic, but your friend decides to just feel like they want nothing to do with you. You two have been friends for a while, i'm assuming. So, she can't just NOT care about you! Of course she will care about you - she can't just forget about that friendship you two had. Just one day, sit down and have a mature and calm conversation with her, and try to talk things out. If she's not looking to talk it out with you, just give her space. One day she'll realize who was always there for her - and that person is you.


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