Getting my boyfriend's imessages

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Getting my boyfriend's imessages

Hello all,
Ok I am new to this iCloud business... Me and my boyfriend both have I phone 4's. I have the 4S tho.
Ok my story... My boyfriend cheated on me a while back; and I love him and I choose to give him another chance. Well last month he started "talking" to a female friend who I've Never met and he tells me that they are just friends. Now if that was true... He woulnt have deleted all their messages! Yes I should run, but I want proof before I do. So I want to try to read them, so I guess this is my question, how do I do that? I know she has a iPhone too.
We both use one Apple ID (mine) on both of our phones and has been like that since we got the phones. I just recently turned on the "find my phone" feature on both of our phones. So what do I do or where do I go to find these iMessages. And how can I set up for them to be sent to my phone or email... And of course without him knowing? I would prefer to just obtain them on my computer if possible because I really don't want to be using his number to iMessage my friends/family and I also don't want him recieveing my messages on his phone. So is there a way of just viewing them on my laptop instead? If so, can you give me the step by step on how to do this please.

Also I know he has iMessages turned on, as well as icloud and the find my phone feature. I also noticed on MY phone that in the iCloud settings it shows that his phone has been backed up... Is there a way to load that onto my phone? My phone however has never been backed up.

I pay for the phone bill, both phones are in my name. And the iTunes account as I stated earlier.




Re: Getting my boyfriend's imessages

Fine my iPhone is not related to iMessage.
You have to look at both phones and make sure (in settings) that iMessage is on, and that they are both configured to use the same icloud account (it can be a different icloud account than what is in the 'icloud settings' on the phone) and all of the iMessage settings must be the same. To view your messages on your computer, just open and configure the Messages app on your Mac with the same account. if you use Windows, you're out of luck.

If both phones have been configured this way all along and you aren't already seeing his imessages and he's not been seeing yours, then he has not been sending iMessages (sending txt/sms instead).

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Re: Getting my boyfriend's imessages

Ok so I'm guessing there's no way around me seeing his without him seeing mine.:::
What if I were to use my iPod touch.. Could I do something with that and not have to use my phone?
I of course have windows.
And the messages I'm interested in are ones previously sent... Not new messages. I've blocked the number so there will be no more contact bw the two.... Which he is aware of.

Both of our iMessages are turned on.
Do I need to go to the settings to change where they are received/sent from. Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing.
And last question... Sorry... If I set up our phones like you say... If I turn off my iMessages just before when I am going to send a message to someone... Then those won't pop up on his phone correct? because they will
Be SMS messages. But if I turn it back on when I'm done... Will it go back to me recieving hiss messages.

Like I said I'm more concerned w ones previously sent... Those are the ones I really want to find.

Thanks so much... Guess I need to buy a Mac!

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Re: Getting my boyfriend's imessages

okay honey it has been two years soooooooo was he cheating on you or nah? because it's been a while. i hope he was a loyal hoe to you! stay cute-janice xoxoxoxoxo love you b00b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Getting my boyfriend's imessages

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Re: Getting my boyfriend's imessages

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